Postgraduate researcher (PGR) reps

Each faculty runs a Postgraduate Researcher Engagement Forum (PEF) in which PGR academic representatives, Students’ Union staff, and staff from the University meet to discuss the experiences of colleagues in each department.

How it works

PGR Reps are elected Postgraduate Researchers from each department who volunteer to gather feedback and voice it to the University. They provide a way for PGRs to communicate their diverse range of opinions and experiences to the staff who deliver their academic experience, and to make change happen.

You can find out who your current PGR Reps are here.

Want to become a PGR Rep?

PGR Reps have three responsibilities:

  • Research PGR opinion – PGR Reps will encourage all PGRs in their department to engage in discussions about their academic experiences, in order to collect feedback and ideas, whether it is positive or something that needs changing.
  • Represent students – Represent PGR feedback to the University at formal meetings such as PGR Engagement Forums and the Student Voice Forum, and informal staff interactions.
  • Report back – Report outcomes from these meetings back to their peers and communicate any Rep Wins.

For 22/23, elections will open on October 24th and nomination forms should be submitted by the 4th November. Find out more and nominate yourself here.