Athena Swan Gold Award

Stable isotope-based analysis core facility

The use of stable isotope tracers and mass spectrometry enables the precise measurement of rates of synthesis, disposal and conversion of metabolites both in vivo and in vitro. 


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Isotope dilution techniques can be used in vivo to measure carbohydrate, fatty acid, glycerol and amino acid metabolism. Fatty acid concentration and composition can also be analysed as measures of synthesis or dietary intake.  

The synthesis rates of macromoelcules such as apolipoproteins, muscle protein, cholesterol, triacylglycerol and fatty acids (de novo lipogenesis) can be measured in vivo and in vitro.  Total energy expenditure can be determined following ingestion of double labelled water. Measurement of labelled CO2 can be used to calculate the oxidation rates of metabolites.

Main Equipment

  • Agilent  5975C inertXL EC/CI MSD  GCMS
  • Agilent 5975 inert XL MSD  GCMS
  • Agilent 5973 network MSD  GCMS
  • Thermo Delta Plus XP IRMS with 2 inlet systems:  GC-combustion interface & GasBench

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Please contact Nicola Jackson ( for information on analysis and costings for grant applications.

Academic leads

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Dr Barbara Fielding

Associate Professor in Nutritional Sciences

Professor Margot Umpleby

Diabetes & Metabolic Medicine Research