Athena Swan Gold Award

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Our spectrum of research ranges from basic and translational science, including first use of molecules in man (Phase I trials) through to real-world evidence studies using routinely collected data.

We support the University's Lifelong Health Strategic Research Theme, and our School mission of ‘Improving human and animal health through world-leading discovery and translational research and teaching in biosciences and medicine’.

Our expertise

Clinical trials and Healthcare evaluation

We support the design and delivery of (multi-centre) clinical trials, and other well-designed studies through our Clinical Trials Unit and Clinical Research Facility which provides a centre for detailed investigation of interventions on human participants.

Further expertise in study design is provided by Research Design Service South East (Surrey Hub), hosted within the Department, and the delivery of health service and cost effectiveness evaluation though our Health Economics section.

Sleep and chronobiology

We have world-leading researchers, research infrastructure and technical capability to conduct sleep and circadian rhythm research in multi-purpose sleep labs or in the field.

Clinical Medicine

Our clinical academics support research in oncology, immunology, diabetes, cardiovascular medicine, critical care and other areas. We are home to the Surrey Cancer Research Institute (SCRI) and have advanced expertise in diabetes, including a Real-World Evidence centre.

Primary care and clinical informatics

We support research using computerised medical records (CMR) for surveillance, quality improvement and research. We are a data and analytics hub for the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Research and Surveillance Centre (RSC).

Our section of Statistical Multi-Omics brings advanced modelling of omics data including the microbiome with direct application to further understanding diabetes and cancer comorbidity