Quality assuring your courses

Recognising the Quality of Learning and Education (RQLE) is a quality assurance process for organisations, within health and social care, delivering learning and education to its staff.

Organisations may apply for the RQLE mark for study days, short courses and e-learning packages.

Courses displaying the RQLE mark will have undergone a quality assurance process to assure that the documentation regarding the provision of this learning and education, has been reviewed for their quality.

The RQLE process

Support is available from the University of Surrey’s RQLE advisor to develop a portfolio of evidence demonstrating the quality of your learning and education programmes.

Following RQLE approval the health/ social care organisation may promote their educational events using the RQLE mark and University logo for the period of validation. Once the validation has lapsed, organisations are required to remove reference to this mark from their documentation and promotional activities.

Benefits to Learners

  • Enhance your employees academic profile by facilitating access to continuing professional development and studies at degree (level 6), Master’s Degree (level 7) and above via the Recognition of Prior Learning process (RPL).

Benefits to your organisation

  • Demonstrate the quality of the learning and education you provide, as an organisation, to your employees and external bodies.
  • Having the RQLE quality mark from the University of Surrey will demonstrate your organisation’s partnership working with the Higher Education Sector in Health and Social Care.
  • Your trainers will be able to develop their own learning and teaching and creatively develop units of learning
  • Provide your organisation with evidence demonstrating the quality of the learning and education you deliver and its impact on service delivery and high quality care
  • Enhance the development of competencies across the workforce and evidence their assessment
  • Potentially enhance your organisations external profile, thereby aiding recruitment and retention of staff
  • Enhance the credibility of your organisations learning and education potentially facilitating further income generation for your organisation
  • Demonstrate how your organisation is addressing the current move for recognising non formal learning (Qualifications Frameworks in the UK, 2014) and the European Commission (2012).

What are the costs for RQLE?

Please see our RQLE cost per unit document.

How does RQLE work?

The RQLE process is individualised to the needs of your organisation. It has a number of phases. During each phase your RQLE advisor will be available for support and advice.

Who is the RQLE advisor?

Karen Hughes k.hughes@surrey.ac.uk.

How do I submit my evidence?

Evidence must be submitted electronically to the RQLE advisor.

What happens if my organisation no longer chooses to pursue RQLE?

If your organisation chooses to leave RQLE after the first three years the University of Surrey maintains the right to have all RQLE acknowledgements removed from any of your training and education material.

Current partner organisations

  • The Learning Enterprise
  • St Catherine’s Hospice
  • REMEO Healthcare Ltd
  • The Lane Fox REMEO® Respiratory Centre
  • Sussex Community NHS Trust
  • Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

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