Day 1: 5 July

Find out what is happening on day 1 of the Surrey 2023 Conference.

Wednesday 5 July

The programme can be viewed below.

Agenda day 1: People

8am – 5pmRegistration open

8:15am – 8:45am

Drop in and dance OR Campus Wellbeing Walk
9am - 9:30amWelcome and opening
  • Professor Scott Cohen, Overall Conference Chair, School Director of Research
  • Professor Annika Bautz, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of FASS
  • Professor Tim Dunne, Provost & Senior Vice-President 
9:30am – 10:15amKeynote Speech: Carol Fergus

Moderator: Dr Bora Kim

    10:15am - 11am

    Panel discussion: EDI in the Visitor Economy

    • Dr Sumeetra Ramakrishnan, University of Surrey (Chair)
    • Prof John Ravenscroft, University of Edinburgh
    • Becki Morris, EMBED Inclusion
    • Dr Albert Kimbu, University of Surrey 
    11am - 1pmMorning poster presentation
    11am – 11:30am

    Networking break

    Sponsored by the Savoy Educational Trust

    11:30am – 1pmParallel session 1
    1pm – 2pm

    Networking lunch

    1pm – 2pmAnnals of Tourism Research Editorial Board meeting (Editorial Board members only)
    2pm – 4pmAfternoon poster presentation 
    2pm – 3:30pmParallel session 2
    2pm – 3:30pm

    Panel discussion (parallel): Open Research 

    Chairs: Dr Pablo Pereira-Doel & Dr Yoo Ri Kim 

    3:30pm – 4pm

    Networking break

    Sponsored by the Savoy Educational Trust

    4pm – 5pmThe Surrey good bucket list - Consensus on People
    • Professor Allan Williams (Chair)
    • Professor Ying Zhou 
    • Professor Emily Ma 
    • Dr Tracy Xu  
    5pm – 6pmMeet the sponsors and happy hour.

    Sponsored by Marriott International, Inc. 

    6pm – lateInternational al fresco food festival, beside the picturesque campus lake

    Parallel session 1: Stand-up presentations

    Wednesday 5 July, 11:30am - 1pm, 8 parallel sessions.

    Human Flourishing 1Education 1The Environment 1Human Flourishing 2
    Room: AP1; Moderator, Dr Anke WinchenbachRoom: 23AP02; Moderator, Mark AshtonRoom: 34MS01; Moderator, Prof Xavier FontRoom: 33MS01; Moderator, Dr Tracy Xu

    Disability inclusion in hospitality organisations: Are we there yet?

    Aziean Jamin, Gbolahan Gbadamosi and Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova

    Design Science in the context of the Tourism Sector: A Scoping Review

    Vitor R. Kuhn, Sara J. G. dos Anjos and Francisco A. dos Anjos

    How to inspire green creativity among Gen Z hotel employees: An investigation of the cross-level effect of green organizational climate

    Jingyan Liu and Jiaman Liu

    From floundering to flourishing: Why transforming the culture of employment and working relations for flexible young workers in hospitality is critical

    Agnieszka Rydzik

    "How does this work?": Understanding social entertainment running groups' psychology and behaviours from a pro-social and co-creation perspective

    Ning Chris Chen, Xueli Wang and Jifang Dou

    Investigating the role of experiential learning in shaping career intentions of hospitality and tourism students

    Diep Ngoc Su and Thi-Hong-Hai Nguyen

    Consumer perceptions of a sustainability filter in an online hotel booking platform

    Luisa Andreu, Xavier Font, Lisa Gao and Anna S. Mattila

    Identifying the underlying dimensions of social discrimination among hospitality first line employees

    Bob Yi-Chen Duan, Jingjing Dai and Yuetian Zhang

    Tourists’ Emodiversity: Antecedents and Consequences

    Ganghua Chen, Yanrong Shi, Songshan Huang and Huimin Shi

    Where does education ‘fit’ in the current hospitality sector? A Swedish discussion.

    Tara Duncan, Maria Thulemark, Marie Moström Åberg and Daniel Brandt

    Tourism Climate Indices for The Caribbean: Broad Study Using Era5 Data

    Jaume Rossello, Vivian Cárdenas Hernández and Camilo Melo Aguilar

    The cascading effects of supervisor dispositional envy on the episodic envy toward the subordinate: Examine workplace envy and abusive supervision in dyads

    Xiaolin Shi, Yitong Yu and Hao Shi

    Diversity and Inclusion in Hospitality and Tourism: A Research Agenda

    Wan Yang, Tracy Xu, Laurie Wu, Juan Madera and Emily Ma

    Sport washing: the nexus between international law and sports diplomacy, the contested role of mega-event owners

    Solomon Ilevbare and Professor Gayle McPherson

    Understanding tourists’ packing practices as pro-environmental behaviours

    Samira Zare

    Neurodiversity and Equity in Family Holiday Experiences

    Allan Jepson, Brian Garrod and Raphaela Stadler

    How gig workers in the event industry experience job crafting process: A study in a non-western context

    Wanwisa Khampanya, Shi Xu, Yanning Li and Emily Ma

    Innovative teaching and learning in tourism: lessons from Germany

    Nick Naumov and Markus Pillmayer

    Rational and moral antecedents of tourists’ intention to use reusable alternatives to single-use plastics

    Issahaku Adam


    Parallel session 1: 11:30am - 1pm - continued 

    Digital Futures 1Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy 1Business & Policy 1Competitiveness 1
    Room: 66MS03; Moderator, Dr. Brigitte StanglRoom: 80MS02; Moderator, Dr Albert KimbuRoom: 39MS02; Moderator, Prof Nigel MorganRoom: AP2; Moderator, Prof Gang Li

    Storytelling in travel vlogs: Scale development and validation

    Wenliang Li, Yoo Ri Kim and Caroline Scarles

    The impact of the modern uprising on Iran’s tourism entrepreneurship

    Parastoo Moghaddam, Daniel Blasco Franch and Natàlia Ferrer Roca

    An investigation into sustainability paradoxes in a dynamic and shifting tourism landscape

    Susann Power, Marialaura Di Domenico and Graham Miller

    Happy in busy? A study on the happiness of the elderly tourism volunteers -- Based on the perspective of critical gerontology

    Ting Lyu, Shina Li and Yixin Liu

    Working with Service Robots? A Systematic Literature Review of Hospitality Employees’ Perspectives

    Jingjing Xu, Aaron Hsiao, Sacha Reid and Emily Ma

    How do tourists experience regret in moral tourism encounters?

    Fenfen Jiang, Carol Zhang and Scott McCabe

    Spatialising Urban Spaces of Graffiti and Dark Tourism

    Hoyoung Chang, Zhenni Wu and Youngsoo Kim

    Intertemporal Destination Choice in Different Stages of COVID-19

    Hanyuan Zhang, Richard Qiu, Long Wen, Haiyan Song and Chang Liu

    Consumers’ involvement in metaverse and brand engagement: hotels virtual tour and PR packet

    Hyerhim Kim, Athina Ioannou and Lauren Siegel

    Exploring the Inequities in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Inform Policy Support: A Cross Case Comparison in Mexico, Canada and Spain

    Karla Boluk, Daniela Freud de Klumbis, Itziar Ramierez Garcia and Claudia Noemi Gonzalez Brambila

    Re-examining inbound tourism performance through complexity theory

    Aurélie Corne, Sauveur Giannoni and Nicolas Peypoch

    A multicriteria dynamic index for tourism destination competitiveness assessment

    Víctor Ernesto Pérez León, Maria Amparo León and Flor Guerrero

    Predicting bystanders’ intention to intervene in service robot abuse

    Erin Ling and Tracy Xu

    Impact of COVID-19 on the economic literature on tourism and crises

    Victoria Mogni, Bibiana Lanzilotta and Lucía Rosich

    Transport Use to Rural Destinations in the Global South: A Case Study of Bali

    Rama Permana, Janet Dickinson, Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova and Angela Smith

    Using Authenticity and Innovation to Strengthen Resilience of Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises in Regional Australia

    Truc H. Le




    The impact of hotel openings on the commercial structure. Evidence from a natural experiment

    Oriol Anguera-Torrell

    Parallel session 2: Stand-up presentations

    Wednesday 5 July, 2pm - 3:30pm, 8 parallel sessions.

    Human Flourishing 3Education 2Human Flourishing 4The Environment 2
    Room: AP1; Moderator, Dr Sumeetra RamakrishnanRoom: 34AP01; Moderator, Dr Lorna WangRoom: 33MS01; Moderator, Dr Anke WinchenbachRoom: 34MS01; Moderator, Dr Viachaslau Filimonau

    Dynamics contributing to the Augmentation of Human Flourishing Components

    Nosheen Saba and Jawad Nasir

    The Future of Online Education: A Chinese Perspective

    Hanqin Qiu and Kit Jenkins

    From Critique to Action: Degrees of Change

    John Tribe and Brendan Paddison

    Does the perceived sustainability-related climate influence residents’ pro-environmental  behaviours in tourism destination? A perspective of structural cues and social cues

    Jingyan Liu and Yanxin Li

    At a Glance of Chinese Middle-class Consumers’ Luxury Hotel Staying Behavior Toward Post-Pandemic Era

    Woraprat Yoelao

    Developing Caring Capacity in Tourism: An Educational Approach

    Sandro Carnicelli and Karla Boluk

    Factors Affecting Frontline employees’ work in Contemporary Heritage Hotels

    Mostafa Marghany

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis in tourism studies: A Meta-Regression Analysis

    Rui Tan, Linjia Zhang and Yingchan Luo

    Developing and validating a scale of managers’ design thinking in the hotel industry

    Yun Zhang and Fengzeng Xu

    Doctoral education and neoliberal research agendas: What type of learning do we want for future tourism thinkers?

    Solène Prince

    Enabling home and destinations for the wellbeing of seasonal retired tourists

    Ke Wang, Lirong Kou and Honggang Xu

    Responsible Tourism and Hospitality Research in The Last 30 Years (1992-2022): A Bibliometric Overview

    Lisa Gao, Anna Mattila and Luisa Andreu


    Decolonizing tourism education in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana

    Victor Mawutor Agbo and Bryan Grimwood

    Flourishing through Travel: An Exploratory Study of Addiction Recovery

    Brent Moyle and Anna Kralj

    Carbon footprint measurement, towards greening festivals

    Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal, Basagaitz Guereño-Omil and Giuseppe Aliperti


    Hands-on Learning During Pandemic: Through the Lens of Socio Economically Underprivileged Students

    Mohd Taufik Zamri, Syamsul Nor Azlan Mohamad, Nadia Hanin Nazlan, Mohd Zain Kutut and Norzuwana Sumarjan

    Co-Designing Regenerative Tourism for Flourishing Futures

    Janne Liburd and Eva Duedahl


    Parallel session 2: 2pm - 3:30pm - continued 

    Digital Futures 2Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy 2Competitiveness 2Business & Policy 2
    Room: 66MS03; Moderator, Prof Caroline ScarlesRoom: 23AP02; Moderator, Dr Bora KimRoom: 39MS02; Moderator, Dr Marion KarlRoom: 80MS02; Moderator, Dr Yanning Li

    A Conceptual paper exploring the value and quality of Webcare in the hotel industry

    Maheshika Dissanayake, Kasha Minor and Victoria Richards

    Predicting the Next Destination: A Discrete Choice Model

    Yong Chen

    How Does Housing Asset Affect Household Tourism Consumption? Evidence from China

    Long Wen

    Advancing tourism and climate change policies to support the Glasgow Declaration

    Johanna Loehr and Susanne Becken

    The relationship between algorithmic control mechanisms and gig work challenges

    Brana Jianu and Iis Tussyadiah

    Performance to the Other or Life of the Self? Local Leisure and Place Identity among Residents of Chinese Ancient Town

    Jiuxia Sun and Yuning Wang

    Opaque products: an optimal pricing strategy for airlines and consumers

    Juana María Alonso Déniz

    You can't manage what you don't measure – Towards a more appropriate measure of innovation in the tourism industry

    Anna Burton

    Hotel hygiene crisis in audio-visual media: sense-making in citizens-to-citizens crisis communication

    Shengye Wang and Lijuan Su

    Recontextualising the role of gender in entrepreneurial leadership

    Issahaku Adam, Albert Kimbu, Anna de Jong, Manuel Ribeiro, Eowoenam Afneyo-Agbe, Ogechi Adeola and Cristina Figueroa-Domecq

    Tourism and inclusive growth in Colombia’s backpacker sector: Evidence from pre- and post-Covid

    Juliane Thieme, Mark P. Hampton, Carmen Stoian and Krystin Zigan

    The Impossible Dream? Achieving Public Value in Tourism

    Constantia Anastasiadou and Janice McMillan

    Smartphones and the future of the tourist experience: An ethnographic perspective on the digital mediation of walking tourism

    Pascalle Sebus

    Entrepreneurship-supporting policies: the reproduction of  gender inequalities

    Cristina Figueroa-Domecq, Anna de Jong, Albert Nsom Kimbu and Allan M. Williams

    The impact of Transformative High Street on Local Competitiveness:  A Systematic Review

    Arthur Sarcinelli, Marcelo Brandão and Delane Botelho

    Recontextualising the determinants of external CSR in the services industry: A cross-cultural study

    Mohamed Nageh Ibrahim, Albert Nsom Kimbu and Manuel Alector Ribeiro

    Customer, Industry, and Government: Who is ready for Metaverse in Tourism and Hospitality

    Jinyan Chen and SuHyeon Kwon

    The Effect of News Framing on African Destination Image: The Roles of Message Credibility and Destination Knowledge

    Yeonhee Cho, Manuel Alector Ribeiro and Youngsoo Kim


    Tourism Social Entrepreneurship Evaluation Framework: A Contribution Analysis

    Prosanjit Saha

    Morning poster presentation

    Early morning to before lunch.

    TitleAuthorsManuscript ID
    A study on the participants' embodied experience in sports events: take marathon runners as an exampleXin Xu, Guangquan Dai and Yanning Li322
    Modelling effect of innovation and dynamic capability on hotel performance in urban tourism destination in NigeriaBanki Bala Mohammed and Yaman Aliyu Muhammad348
    Do tourists travel with their preferred travel mode at urban destinations? Analyzing the effect of travel mode dissonance on travel satisfactionZidan Mao, Ying Zhao and Shuhan Wu543
    Tourism-in-videogames: representations of tourism in virtual game worldsBrendan Canavan741
    Indicator System as a tool to measure the Smart Destination developmentAinhoa Carballido Risco810
    Factors affecting the success of community-based tourism of women entrepreneurs in rural areasMorteza Khazaei Pul and Mehdi Ramezanzadeh Lasboyee1128
    A study on the student perception on the sustainable development goals in vocational education: with special reference to University College of Ratmalana, University of Vocational Technology, Sri LankaJayani Kasunika and Ekanayake Mudiyanselage Chamila Kumari Ekanayake1504
    The impacts of urban cultural amenities on tourism destination vitality: a case study of Changsha, China Internet Celebrity CityYaxin Zheng and Qiuju Luo1599
    Are God’s places following Environmental Ethics? Exploring a Pilgrimage Site in IndiaBharti Gupta1982
    Future flight: involving the public with a transport future that is yet to existJanet Dickinson, Angela Smith and Rama Permana2262

    Afternoon poster presentation

    After lunch before consensus session.

    TitleAuthorsManuscript ID
    Human-AI Collaboration in the Era of FalsityAarni Tuomi and Mário Ascenção2368
    Spatial pattern and micro-location rules of tourism businesses in historic towns: a case study of Pingyao, ChinaMengdi Wang2636
    Business behaviour, governmental policy, and epidemic crisis: an analysis of hotel and government strategic crisis management responses during the recovery phase of Covid-19Gregory Shadbolt3137
    Research on enterprise founder's traits and Chinese family enterprise governance modelYaojie Xiong, Rose Xiaying Chen and Quansheng Zhao3279
    Twin transition in hospitality industry: under which conditions digital technologies can help the hospitality industry to reach its sustainability targets?Adel Ben Youssef and Adelina Zeqiri3792
    Drivers of GenZ tourists’ political consumerism: a cross-cultural perspectiveSiamak Seyfi3833
    Exploring socio-cultural aversions, attitudes and willingness to participate in indigenous tourism​Afiya Holder3894
    The Dilemma of CSR fulfillment on the competitiveness of enterpriseQuansheng Zhao, Rose Xiaying Chen and Yaojie Xiong4284
    Women travelers and social media: A theoretical framework to explore new ways of women tourism entrepreneurshipTasneem Binte Morshed, Dr Ana Beatriz Hernández-Lara9999