Department of Pathology and Infectious Diseases

The Department of Pathology and Infectious Diseases brings together a multidisciplinary team of veterinary surgeons, microbiologists, pathologists and immunologists to understand host pathogen interactions in animals and humans.

About us

Our focus is on understanding pathogen behaviour in the host and environment alike and specifically with regard to new and emerging and zoonotic diseases including Rabies, Prions, CampylobacterE. coliBrachyspira, Bluetongue, Classical Swine Fever, PRRS, Schmallenberg, MRSA and TB.

Our research interests extend to understanding how pathogens are transmitted and controlled, including the emergence of antimicrobial resistance and how it influences pathogen fitness and the development of novel control strategies including vaccines and probiotics. Our research also extends to non-infectious diseases including diabetes, developmental neurology and oncology.

    Meet the team

    Head of Department

    Roberto La Ragione profile image

    Professor Roberto La Ragione

    Professor of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology, Head of the School of Biosciences

    Department members

    Sarhad Alnajjar profile image

    Dr Sarhad Alnajjar

    Lecturer in Veterinary Pathology

    Dr Benedetta Amato

    Teaching fellow

    Amin Asfor profile image

    Dr Amin Asfor

    Lecturer in Virology and Immunology

    Piyali Basu profile image

    Dr Piyali Basu

    One Health EJP WP6 Project Manager, One Health EJP Communications Officer, Research Fellow

    Shahriar Behboudi profile image

    Dr Shahriar Behboudi

    Senior Lecturer in Immunology and Virology

    Jonathan Betts profile image

    Dr Jonathan Betts

    Research Fellow

    Dr Carlijn Bogaardt

    Research Fellow in Bioinformatics

    Dr Emma Borkowski

    Teaching Fellow in Anatomic Pathology

    Elaine Campling

    One Health European Joint Programme Communications Officer

    Jennifer Cantlay profile image

    Dr Jennifer Cantlay

    One Health European Joint Programme Communications Officer

    Mark Chambers profile image

    Professor Mark Chambers

    Professor of Microbiology and Disease Intervention, Head of Department of Microbial Sciences

    Mike Chaplin

    Anatomy Technician

    Jonathan Cooper

    Technical Services Manager (teaching)

    Guido Cordoni profile image

    Dr Guido Cordoni

    Research Fellow B in Molecular Microbiology

    Marvin J.Firth profile image

    Dr Marvin Firth

    Chief Resident in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology and APHA Surveillance Liaison

    Dr Brian Gardner

    Research Fellow in Computational Biology

    Maria Getino profile image

    Dr Maria Getino

    Research Fellow in Microbiology

    Dr Cecilia Gola

    Resident in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology

    Dan Horton profile image

    Professor Daniel Horton

    Associate Dean Research and Innovation (FHMS), Professor of Veterinary Virology

    Thomas Hussey

    Post Mortem Manager

    Robin Labesse

    Technical Services Manager

    Dr Diane Lee

    Research Fellow B in Infectious Diseases

    Joy Leng profile image

    Dr Joy Leng

    Research Fellow

    Dr Tanja Maehr

    Research Fellow in Wildlife Disease

    Jon Marshall

    Senior Post Mortem Technician

    Dr Denise Marston

    Teaching Fellow (Veterinary Virology)

    Maria McGlynn

    Histology Technician

    Dr Jai Mehat

    Lecturer (B) in Molecular Bacteriology

    Thomas Nolan

    Post Mortem Technician

    Professor Mark Pallen

    Vice-Chancellor's Fellow; Consultant Medical Microbiologist

    Stratos Papakonstantinou

    Veterinary Clinical Pathologist Teaching Fellow

    Nicola Parry profile image

    Dr Nicola Parry

    Visiting Professor (Pathology)

    Dr Jade Passey

    European Joint Programme Communications Officer

    Aurore Poirier profile image

    Dr Aurore Poirier

    Research Fellow in Molecular Microbiology and Communication Officer

    Kam Qureshi

    Assistant Laboratory Technician (Anatomy)

    Louise Ryan

    Veterinary Pathology Centre Coordinator and School Administrator

    Dr Laura Setyo

    Teaching Fellow B in Anatomic Pathology

    Falko Steinbach profile image

    Professor Falko Steinbach

    Professor of Veterinary Immunology

    Emily Tubb

    Senior Anatomy Technician

    Andrew Wales profile image

    Dr Andrew Wales

    Research Fellow

    Katy Walker

    Histology and Anatomy Manager

    Arnoud van Vliet profile image

    Dr Arnoud van Vliet

    Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Microbiology