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Social and Group Based Emotions Workshop

Workshop description

Intergroup relations are core to social psychology, and the relationship between individuals and groups is a distinct focus of European social psychology. In recent years, group and socio-moral emotions have become a very popular topic in intergroup relations, due to their integral role. Both positive emotions (e.g., elevation, admiration, awe, hope) and negative emotions (e.g., disgust, contempt, anger, hatred) bear on the way we think and act when around other individuals and groups.  

Researchers at Surrey study social emotions as diverse as hope, anger, disgust, shame and guilt (e.g., Cohen-Chen, Halperin, Crisp, & Gross, 2013; Russell & Giner-Sorolla, 2011).

This workshop will investigate the social and moral consequences of emotions, and the boundary between individual and group expressions of emotion.  We will examine how emotion research addresses the core questions in intergroup relations about helping or hindering social relations, social change, and collective action. We will also teach the students about current methodological challenges and advancements in the field.

Workshop tutors

Aarti Iyer

Aarti Iyer

Workshop tutor

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Dr Sophie Russell

Workshop tutor

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