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Amol Dixit

"My programme is designed to prepare us for using industry leading tools and technologies. This was one of the major reasons I chose this programme."


Business Analytics MSc

Entry year


"I believe one can study and excel in an environment where one is supported and appreciated, and the University of Surrey leaves no stone unturned to make international students feel at home. The International Student Services was providing me assistance even before I had firmly accepted my offer, and they were always reachable through phone and e-mail, ready to provide answers and redirect queries when they couldn’t answer themselves.

Apart from this, the academic excellence of the university is one of the best there could be, the programme is meticulously designed to include modules which build a firm base and gives an option to choose modules in different domains depending on the student’s interests. The tutors are well read and widely acclaimed, and all their details were available on the university website. I went through their profiles, their citations, and current areas of study and research which helped me make a decision, in addition to the defined modules which include the latest and industry-usable content for us to study.

My programme is designed to prepare us for using industry leading tools and technologies. This was one of the major reasons I chose this programme. Secondly, this programme was matched with a short term industrial internship, which would give us a peek of the real-world and how the industry works at the moment, before we join it for ourselves.

The wide variety of areas that we have touched so far have been the highlights for me. Areas ranging from healthcare, retail, crime prediction, fraud analytics, operations and several more. We are doing case studies and actual applications in these fields, showing us how industry-ready the course content is and up-to-date the modules are. Having experienced this with our tutors, I see things with a very different perspective now, and can comprehend the details in a better manner.

I have worked on projects in the insurance industry, online marketplaces, and search engine optimisation with Google and Amazon, gaining insights which wouldn’t have been possible only a semester before. The support and motivation from the professors in unparalleled for every task, and they are always an e-mail or a short meeting away. Exposure to the number of case studies has given me an enhanced analytical approach to things and also knowledge in several domain areas as well. 

This helps me to better understand the news and technical decisions that companies take because I can actually see the trends they saw and what drove their strategy development. I’m sure this skill would go a long way in my future career and help me succeed.

Also, the abundance of software tools that this programme has exposure me to is unmatched, making the most cumbersome of tasks relatively easier, allowing me to put in more time and effort to things that actually matter.

I believe that upon completing my course I will have gained the skills necessary to re-join the industry, allowing me to hit the ground running in whichever area I finally choose. With a programme like MSc Business Analytics I have an option to join one of several domains, as the skills we develop work horizontally to a great extent.

Seeing the trends in the technological companies today I am quite convinced that the things I learn in this programme will fit well with those in the technical world. With so many companies now appointing top executives in roles such as: Chief Data Officer and Chief Information Officer, I feel that this course will set me on the right path."


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