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Annika Victoria Zahn

I loved every minute of my Professional Training placements and I am sure you will too: just say 'yes'!

Entry year


Placement company

Munich Olympic Park and FC Bayern Munich

Where did you work for your Professional Training placement?

I split my year and worked as an Events Assistant at the Munich Olympic Park and as an Assistant Project Manager in Team Legends at FC Bayern Munich for six months each. 

Tell us more about what you did at the Munich Olympic Park

I was part of the ‘50 Years Team’ which was responsible the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games. This involved over 50 events with the public, previous athletes, the Olympic committee and other stakeholders! I was also involved in the final planning, execution and evaluation of the regular events at the park including concerts, conferences and smaller outdoor events. 

And what were you involved in at FC Bayern Munich?

At FC Bayern I was part of the team responsible for former football players who still represent the club and take part in merchandise shootings, press releases and interviews, partner and sponsor meetings and even have their own football matches against other 'Legend Teams'. 

What did you get out of your placements?

I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge and improve my practical event management skills in various settings and event formats. Both working environments, although very different, gave me the opportunity to develop professionally and personally and massively increased my confidence, resilience and passion for the industry! 

I really enjoyed gaining insight into different companies and working environments, as well as developing my soft skills such as resilience, adaptability and teamwork. 

What was the highlight? 

The highlight was the Legends Football match at the Olympic Stadium, which attracted 25,000 spectators and raised 42,000 GBP for a local charity. 

I was one of the main project leaders and even carried the football onto the pitch which was broadcast on national TV. 

This project created the connection to FC Bayern Munich Legends (one of the playing parties) who afterwards offered me my second placement. 

I worked together with other departments to gain insight into the wider scope of an event such as fundraising, merchandise and legal frameworks. 

Although I did not know a lot about football at first, I accepted the challenge and immersed myself in the new environment, expanding my horizon and actually uncovering an event sector that I could now see myself working in in the future!

Have your career plans been informed by your placements?

100%!! I was always leaning more towards the music industry, and didn't think that sport events or the corporate sector was really for me. During my placement this opinion flipped completely. I loved working in the sporting industry and also enjoyed planning networking events, partner meetings and conferences. Although I enjoyed working on the concerts at the Olympic Park, I now have the aspiration to work at the Olympic Games one day! 

Above all, my placement confirmed my passion for the industry and my desire to find my place within it. 

Additionally, moving to Munich and living independently in a different country increased my confidence. As a result, I am now considering jobs in various countries across the world including Germany, France, USA and even Japan! 

What advice do you have for students considering doing a placement?

My advice to you is: DO IT!! 

The placement year is going to offer you lots of hands-on industry experience, but also enable immense personal development that will benefit you for your final year at university as well as your future career! 

Another piece of advice is: just say 'yes', you will figure it out afterwards! As a placement student you have the luxury of not needing to know everything, because it is okay to ask questions and learn as you go. Most of the time you know the answers and just need some time to get there, but you will! 

Finally, always portray positivity, passion and pro-activity (the 3 Ps)! Spreading positivity fosters an amazing working environment. Being passionate about what you do will not only lead to higher quality work outputs but also increase the fun you have at work. Lastly, being pro-active is going to allow you to gain experience in various sectors and explore the paths you may want to go down in your future career! 

I loved every minute of my Professional Training placements and I am sure you will too: just say 'yes'!