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Antonio Spaccapietra

Antonio Spaccapietra

"My greatest achievement was in completing my two novels, which my degree helped me to complete by enriching my understanding of literature and allowing me frequent access to subject specialists."


English Literature BA (Hons)

Entry year


"I chose to come to Surrey after I saw the numerous accolades and attention it received in the circle of universities. More importantly visiting the campus convinced me that this was a very good decision; each quarter smacked of positivity!

I have the following tip for every student of English Literature: consult the reading list for the course. Try to see if the genre of literature fascinates you as it should, and if you can see yourself reading three to four books a week!

I chose to study this programme because I have always been enamoured of literature and art, and to enrich my cultural sphere which I believe is one of the most valuable assets in the world. It was also the first step in the journey to a job in academia.

I enjoy reading texts that I could otherwise not find on my own; to peruse something written so long ago, that still speaks to one now. The most delightful moments come when reading a piece of criticism or prose that tells me something I have felt or known for a long time. This is why I love literature.

The academic staff on my programme are outstanding. And in this respect two mentions must go out to Dr Paul Vlitos and Dr Allan Johnson. Dr Vlitos for his undying enthusiasm and encouragement and his wonderful erudition. He has read, seen or heard of everything, and when discussing literature he is always able to point one towards another text that acts as lodestar. Dr Johnson for all these qualities and more. I remember his lecture on Eliot’s The Wasteland, one of the most difficult texts to teach on any module. He explained that great poem with such professorial charm that everyone left the lecture theatre very much in awe.

"The best things about Surrey are the facilities. The campus is modern and everyone is extremely friendly. As a swimmer the Sports Park was a huge determining factor. I am also part of the water polo society which has brought me immense joy."

I believe that a lecturer succeeds in the moment he reminds a student why he fell in love with the subject from the outset, and these two lecturers have certainly done that.

My greatest achievement was in completing my two novels, which my degree helped me to complete by enriching my understanding of literature and allowing me to frequent specialised people in the subject. It was always my ambition to write, and though it was not directly part of my degree, I reaped these extra curricular benefits!


Going to university has taught me to value my family, which one may take for granted when still an adolescent.

In the future I would like to become a lecturer. Surrey has certainly not put me off from becoming a scholar, which is a good sign! It is not an overstatement to say that wonderful things happen here."

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