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Bayo Akinmejiwa

Bayo Akinmejiwa

"At Surrey there is a huge network which really encourages an entrepreneurial spirit."


Business Management (Entrepreneurship)

"My happiest experience at Surrey was being the President of the Entrepreneur Society. It offered me many challenges and experiences which developed my leadership ability, as well as my networking skills and contacts.

Since graduating I have started We are Millenials (WAM), a website which promotes young talents, whether they be creatives, young entrepreneurs or musicians. We also allow bloggers to post on different topics ranging from wealth, lifestyle, and trends to name a few.

I was motivated to create WAM because although so many people my age are doing great things in many different areas, I felt the representation of my generation in the media is quite poor. So I got a team together to take promotion into our own hands and WAM was born.

During my time at Surrey Business School, I choose to complete internships during both my summer breaks, both within start-up business accelerator companies: Wayra, as a Marketing Intern and as the Start-up Services and Partnerships Intern at Mass Challenge UK.

"I feel Student Enterprise broadened my networking ability."


Both these experiences gave me practical know-how and understanding of how early stage businesses actually work, including the common challenges and the lifestyle that I would need to adapt to. 


At Surrey there is a huge network which really encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. In particular members of the Surrey Business School teaching team and the Student Enterprise Coordinator were been extremely helpful in the development stage of my idea.

I feel Student Enterprise broadened my networking ability and gave me the opportunity to gain advice, references, useful contacts and connections."


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