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Ese Aimuan

"The University of Surrey has increased my confidence and made me more focused. I now have a clear picture of what I want to do in the future."


Accounting and Finance

"I was first inspired to come to the University of Surrey after attending a seminar at the Global International College. Furthermore, the high ranking of this Accounting and Finance course in the league tables make me realise Surrey was the place I wanted to go.

The University was extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole application process and when I arrived I found the academic staff in the Accounting and Finance department to be really welcoming. They are amazing as they treat you as though you are the only student they are teaching.

My lecturers are very willing to answer any questions as they understand that accounting can be difficult at times. But they support me and they are interested in each student’s growth and understanding of the subject.

In my first year, I lived in accommodation at Manor Park which was really nice and comfortable. I had six housemates from different parts of the world and we would often organise international food nights. I also joined many societies including the Nigerian Society Surrey (NSS) which helped me not to miss home as much as I met other Nigerian students living on campus. Furthermore, I became the Treasurer for the Chosen Christian Fellowship society which helped me to gain new skills and meet lots of new people.

The course has encouraged me to have a particular interest in Management Accounting because it is the provision of financial data and helps to advise companies with its development. I am currently completing my Professional Training Year at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) working in their Finance Department. My position is a highly varied and challenging role focused mainly towards supporting the business partnering operational finance area. I feel I have gained a lot of experience and over time greater responsibility has been given to me where I have applied both my theoretical and practical knowledge. The role has given me a deeper understanding of my subject so it has definitely been worthwhile.

The University of Surrey has increased my confidence and made me more focused. I now have a clear picture of what I want to do in the future. This is due to the great help and advice I have received from the experienced people at the university." 

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