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Gareth Wardhaugh

Gareth Wardhaugh

"An entrepreneurial mindset is very much encouraged at the University of Surrey, especially in the Business School."

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"At the Surrey Business School there is a strong balance between learning and extracurricular activities. It has allowed me to make the most of the academic aspects of my degree, while at the same time taking advantage of all opportunities, whether that be sporting or society based.

This environment has developed my confidence and other transferable skills that are crucial in the work place. Throughout my year, I have also been encouraged to make use of extra educational opportunities, which included a six week Coding Course held by graduates

During my Professional Training Year at IBM, the general corporate environment has given me a lot of insight into professional working life and how businesses operate in the real world.

The countless opportunities available over my placement have allowed me to branch out from my basic job role. I’ve seen other areas of the company which gives me a real understanding of the specific areas that I might want to return to after I graduate.

I also had multiple opportunities to shadow existing graduates and speak to managers in other areas of interest at IBM.

"The variety of learning methods used in my degree have created an incredibly varied and positive environment to work in."


Several modules we cover during our degree are in some part linked to entrepreneurial behaviour, and there are many entrepreneurial societies that students are encouraged to join and participate in.

An entrepreneurial mindset is very much encouraged at Surrey, especially in the Business School."


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