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Karina Puttock

"The department here at the University of Surrey focus on interactive learning where you develop practical skills to use in the real world."

"Studying languages at University is beneficial because with this degree you acquire knowledge that you can apply to many different fields. The department here at the University of Surrey focus on interactive learning where you develop practical skills to use in the real world.

The lecturers here are awesome because they are knowledgeable and very supportive both with my work and personally. They have an open office policy which means I can go and see them any time. They will always find some way to help you.

Karina Puttock
Karina Puttock

I have learnt the value of self-motivation during my time here at the University of Surrey. You are expected to immerse yourself in your two languages as much as possible outside of classes by reading books or articles, watching films or listening to the radio for example. They give you support with this by providing you with resources.

I enjoy translation a lot and even though I don’t study a translation degree; we can still learn this technique. The course doesn’t just teach you the language; it is also about learning the culture of the language which is extremely useful for my professional training year. They do a lot to prepare us for this year from having weekly talks, helping with CV and cover letters, in addition to giving us mock interviews. I also regularly meet with my placement tutor who helps keep track of my placement journey.

After I graduate, I am interested to join the army as a language specialist. In order to do this, I need to be fluent in my languages. The army will also provide me with the chance to learn other languages. I feel university has provided me with the ability and tools which I could apply when learning languages beyond this course.

If you are like me who is practically minded and want to learn skills you can apply to the workplace, then this course is for you. I wouldn’t change my decision to come here because of the support I have received and the strong communication, team work and leadership abilities I have developed during my degree.

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