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Laura Eager

Laura Eager

"I have never experienced such positivity from staff for students' individual prospects and the amount of student social activities that were organised on a weekly basis to make the exchange experience even more enjoyable was mind-blowing."


Law with International Relations

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University of Surrey, England

"I undertook study abroad at the University of Surrey during my second semester of my second year of study. I attended an open day for exchange in the UK and spoke to numerous students who had studied all over Europe, which helped make my decision to go on exchange. I ended up cutting down my options to Surrey and two other Universities, and a bit more research revealed that the league table results for Surrey were extremely good, especially for law. The area looked lovely (and safe) plus I wanted to be close to London. So my choice was made!

I absolutely love my degree. Each subject/module presents new content and each has their own difficulties, but overall I love that law and politics as two separate degrees intertwine so much and are so relevant in everyday life. I love walking out of a classroom and realising I can apply what I just learnt to what is really happening all around the world.

A lot of people studying law think it’s impossible to go on exchange, it isn’t. If anything, studying law in the UK has given me a greater understanding of Australia’s own legal system and its origins that most never obtain.

The academic staff at the University of Surrey are extremely efficient and highly informed. I found my lecturers and tutors easy to approach and happy to assist me with any clarification or questions. The quality of legal lecturers was high, with most still practicing as well as teaching. The resources and facilities, specifically SurreyLearn and the law sections in the Library, were very good.

I lived for the entire duration of my stay at Surrey on Manor Park University Campus. I absolutely loved living in University Accommodation, I think the ease of being so close to the Uni and the transport buses to get me in between contributed greatly to why I enjoyed exchange as much as I did. The University accommodation band D rooms are extremely well-serviced and modern, with my own bathroom and enough space for all my belongings, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live whilst at Surrey.

I was a part of the social Netball club, so we played games every Tuesday night for fun and had a social every Wednesday night that I attended regularly. I was also a part of the Law Society, which was beneficial in meeting like-minded people. I ended up becoming close friends with a lot of rugby players and the SnowSports society too so tagged along to loads of different events that they organised.

Living on campus and with friends constantly around you is a great experience. Along with that, the Sports Park is incredible, I decided to join the gym in the second week and ended up going nearly every day of the week with a friend to use the gym facilities and the swimming pool followed by a coffee at Starbucks. Getting a bus pass was probably the best decision I made, as hopping on and off the circuit bus from Manor Park to the Uni or to the Guildford Town was so easy. Tesco supermarket was walking distance away from my accommodation and the Uni was within walking distance if I wasn’t running late!

I can’t remember ever being as happy as I am now on exchange in the UK. I’ve made friends for life with people from every corner of the world and learnt so much more about my degree, people in general and myself than I ever could have imagined. I could not be a bigger advocate for anyone considering going on exchange, I’ve enjoyed absolutely every aspect of it and really don’t want to go home!

I know it sounds cliché to say “study abroad changed me” but there really is no other way to put it. I have grown so much as an individual, I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons first hand and I’ve learnt to be a lot more patient and tolerant with life. Meeting new people and gaining insights into their lives both at Surrey and culturally whilst travelling has widened my knowledge and perspective on life.

I’d just like to thank the study abroad staff and the student services in general for caring so much about the students that study at Surrey from both near and far. I have never experienced such positivity from staff for students' individual prospects and the amount of student social activities that were organised on a weekly basis to make the exchange experience even more enjoyable was mind-blowing. There really wasn’t a spare second for me to feel homesick or bored. Keep up the good work and I will be back to visit in the future!"

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