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Michael Maccallum

Michael MacCallum

"The ladyI spoke toon Surrey’s Clearing hotline wasmore than helpful. She reassuredmeand I felt more positive about my grades."


Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons)

When I logged onto the UCAS website before results day, I found that I’d been unsuccessful for my first choice of university, but had been accepted by my insurance choice. Despite having an insurance offer, I felt very worried and confused as to what to do, and afraid I wouldn’t get to go to university. On results day, I drove to school to collect my grades and speak to my Head of Year for advice, as I’d decided by then that I didn’t want to go to my insurance choice.  

My parents were my main support throughout Clearing. We went to a local coffee shop and they helped me find available courses on the UCAS website, call up the universities’ Clearing hotlines and bought me a latte! Once I’d set my mind on Surrey, they were excited for me.  

The lady I spoke to on Surrey’s Clearing hotline was more than helpful. She reassured me and I felt more positive about my grades. I originally enquired about the BSc Mechanical Engineering course, but I was a grade short so opted for a foundation year. 

I arranged to attend the Clearing open day the next day to check out the campus. This cemented my decision to attend Surrey. The campus was really nice and the course seemed surprisingly good – it was weird that I hadn’t considered Surrey in the first place. 

I’m loving my university experience so far. From Surrey Sports Park, to the revision rooms, Surrey has exceeded my expectations.

I’m thinking of becoming an aerodynamicist and it has been great to use Surrey’s facilities, such as the multiple wind tunnel, and be taught by aerodynamic professionals. 

If you’re going through Clearing, please try to relax. If you don’t get into your first or second choice university, it’s not the end of the world and there are plenty of amazing courses and great universities that you might not have even considered – there’s so much choice out there. Don’t rush any decisions, and don’t necessarily go for the first university you call up – call up as many as possible and get as many offers as possible to then make a good decision. Finally, remember that you're not alone. It’s a common thing that happens to the best of us – and I’m glad it happened to me. 

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