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Mirtha Garduno

Mirtha Garduño

"Surrey's MBA is well known for being one of the special few around the world that gives you the chance to develop and focus on your entrepreneurial skills."


Business Administration

Why did you choose an MBA at The University of Surrey?

I made the decision to come to Surrey for the reputation of the University and the course itself. Surrey's MBA is well known for being one of the special few around the world that gives you the chance to develop and focus on your entrepreneurial skills; whilst also learning about new trends in the market through different lectures such as Innovation and Platforms. Besides, who wouldn't want to live in “Leafy Surrey”?

Did you find you could implement what you learnt in class on the weekends at work?

Being at Surrey is a unique experience as you never stop being amazed by the people around you. So many cultures in the same place make it the perfect learning environment not only intellectually but personally too.

What is the most useful skill you have learned during your time on the Surrey MBA course so far?

One of the most important skills I’ve learned would be time management, as you keep receiving new information all the time and are constantly being challenged, not only by the lecturers but by your fellow classmates too. Also you need to enjoy the ride, it can get difficult if you are not organised.

What have you learned about yourself while being at Surrey?

I have learned to be open to new ideas and also to learn from all the different cultures I engage with every day in my study groups. At the same time, I’ve learned not to forget the purpose and goals that brought me here in the first place.

What new opportunities have you gained being at Surrey?

Being at The University of Surrey means I have been in the right place working with the right people following the right path.

However, now that I have finished the MBA, this journey is far from over. On the contrary, my dream is just beginning in the form of an exciting business project and business plan which I have been working on for my thesis.

Because of my determination with the business project and business plan I have been working on for my thesis, I was successfully selected for the Entrepreneurship Programme sponsored by SETsquare at the Tech Park in Guildford, which starts at the beginning of September 2017. Being selected to be part of this is just the first step of many and represents the possibility of being awarded with a one year scholarship in the Surrey Incubator, where I would get support and advice from experts to get my business started. But even more, this is my chance to see my business project and business plan through to commercial success, and to show other people that if you have a good idea, if you find the right place and you are with the right people, anything is possible.

This has been without doubt an amazing journey right from the beginning. Choosing Surrey was the best decision I have ever made. Studying this MBA and having the chance to share this time with every one of the lecturers and all my classmates has been a life changing experience.

I have learned that having dreams and good ideas is a good thing but not enough, you must have a plan to give these projects the chance to become a reality, and it is only when you open yourself up to these kinds of situations and make yourself vulnerable that “wonderful things happen”.