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Muhammad Ali

"The course has a very hands-on approach. My group was marketing an actual crowd-funding campaign just two weeks into the course!"


Strategic Marketing MSc

Graduation year


I was attracted to Surrey for various reasons, it was a mix of what the course offered, the beautiful campus, and its proximity to Central London. The campus is green and beautiful, with a lake that is a nice and relaxing spot to study. Guildford is also very close to London, so you don’t miss out on any big happenings in the city.

Most importantly, it has been the course itself. This was one of the few marketing courses I could find that had a strong digital focus. This made Surrey stand out as the best choice.

The best thing about my course for me was the emphasis on digital marketing and the inclusion of entrepreneurial modules. The course doesn’t just teach marketing, but practical entrepreneurial skills that helped me understand how a start-up operates. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, the course prepares you for working with large and small organisations.

The course has a very hands-on approach. There are traditional lectures but also so many practical projects to work on. My group was marketing an actual crowd-funding campaign just two weeks into the course! And lastly, the amazing staff who are always approachable and willing to help.

I’d say I’ve gained a new perspective since being a student at Surrey. You get to interact with a lot of different people at Surrey and learn from staff who are experienced in a diverse number of specialities. The wide range of student societies allows you to get involved in activities and meet people with shared interests, which is an opportunity to improve your social skills. Surrey Sports Park and the Team Surrey sports clubs also help you to keep your fitness in check.

"Plans or ideas that once felt too big to accomplish, now feel realistic."

It might be a bit too early to tell, but one very important thing I’ve learned through my course is to be ambitious and goal-oriented. Plans or ideas that once felt too big to accomplish, now feel realistic. I’ve learned how I can organise myself, take one step at a time and eventually achieve my final goal. I’m confident that this, and all other skills gained, will contribute to any future career success. I’m proud to be a Surrey Alumni!

It’s too hard to pick one happiest memory of my time at Surrey. You meet a lot of great people, go to many social events, and there are endless opportunities to get involved in everything Surrey has to offer. All of this helps create many happy memories.

The most recent happy memory I can recall is submitting my dissertation! It’s a very taxing journey, involving moments of frustration and sleepless nights, but once you finish it feels so good. It can feel a bit sad at the same time because it means the end of the journey, but it’s also the start of a new beginning!

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