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Nadia Al-Safi, BEng Mechanical Engineering

Nadia Al-Safi

"I’ve changed as a result of studying at Surrey. I feel much more independent and take a more self-driven attitude towards my learning."

One of the reasons I chose to study at Surrey was the huge flexibility if offers: all students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences study the same modules in the first year, whichever course they are on. I found this hugely beneficial because it meant that I could consider studying a different engineering field through the experience and knowledge I gained during the year.

Some of the aspects I most enjoyed on my BEng Mechanical Engineering course were the practical projects. During first year, I really liked the workshop sessions, and I found the group project in third year, which involved designing a foldable electric bicycle, to be particularly engaging and demanding.The University also has excellent facilities which are easily accessible, and all the lecturers are passionate about the material they deliver and offer support during tutorial classes.

"I particularly enjoyed the Engineering Materials module in third year which has made me consider studying for a masters degree in a related subject."

During my free time at Surrey I made use of the basketball course at Surrey Sports Park, which provides some fantastic facilities and is a great way to meet people who have similar sporting interests to you.

I would say that the location is one of the best things about Surrey: the University is within walking distance of the train station and Guildford town centre. It’s nice to have open green space around you, especially the University lake which is a great place to relax.

I’ve changed as a result of studying at Surrey. I feel much more independent and take a more self-driven attitude towards my learning. My confidence has grown through meeting lots of different new people. The course itself had many challenging elements which I’m grateful for because it made me grow academically. You realise that you can achieve the very things you doubted as long as you work hard and remain positive.

One of the things I did at Surrey, aside from my studies, was tutoring in maths and physics, which improved my time management skills and also enabled me to use my engineering degree to help GCSE and A level students. I’m now working in the education sector to promote engineering as a career option to younger students – especially females who are still in a minority in the field of mechanical engineering – after which I hope to study for a masters degree.


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