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Naif Al-Malki

Naif Al-Malki works as a Human Resources Specialist for Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Surrey?

At the very beginning, Surrey and another couple of universities were recommended to me by our scholarship office as being the best universities. Another of the reasons that made me choose Surrey was its amazing campus. Also, I remember at that time, in 2008, Surrey had the third lowest crime rate, and that was very important for me as an international student.

Another factor was the very prompt response and the communications I received from the International Office. Those reasons made me prefer Surrey over the rest of universities. I knew I would be going to a university that cared about me.

How has your degree helped in your career?

I am now doing excellently in an international oil and gas corporation. The amount of research and coursework I carried out during my degree significantly improved my decision-making skills, knowledge and how best to search for knowledge, and gave me great research skills.

Where has your career taken you and what is your career highlight so far?

Not just at my professional career… As soon as I graduated from Surrey I started a youth club called Youth Foundation. With the amazing skills I learned in Surrey, I started this club to focus on raising awareness in our community, as well as establishing good community engagement.

I also have a YouTube show now, and we have also made some awareness adverts for traffic accidents - one of which we were very lucky with, as it ended up on national television as well as cinema theatres. I did not study media, but at Surrey I learned skills way beyond my degree study field. I learned a new life from it.

What advice would you give to students?

Surrey is a great place to learn, as well as somewhere with a very low crime rate. I know that you always have to study hard to keep up good grades, but it’s worth it.

Is remaining connected with the alumni network important to you?

You bet it is, not just the network, but also I am still in touch with some of my teachers, and there are names I will never forget.