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Rosh Sellahew Theoretical Nuclear Physics PhD

Rosh Sellahewa

"Surrey offers a fantastic study environment; the work is interesting, exciting and new."

"The area of nuclear theory has been a developing field for many years, delving into the interactions between the nuclei that comprise the atoms that make up the world around us. Understanding these building blocks of matter allows us to both model and interpret physical processes such as those that exist within stars.

As a young child I always had a fascination with stars and this is a passion that I have carried with me throughout my life.

Being given the opportunity to enhance our understanding of stellar objects such as neutron stars, one of the end points of stellar evolution, was a fantastic event for me and drives my enthusiasm for my work. Surrey is one of the leading nuclear theory institutions in the UK, and I have the fantastic opportunity to be working alongside Dr. Arnau Rios and Professor Jim Al-Khalili."

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