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Image of Varsha Satyavaram, BSc Criminology and Sociology student

Varsha Satyavaram

Overall, my experience at Surrey has been incredibly rewarding, and I am grateful for the opportunities for personal and academic growth it has provided me with as a Criminology and Sociology student.

Why did you choose to come to Surrey? 

I chose to attend Surrey because of its excellent reputation in both criminology and sociology, its strong academic programmes, and its location in Guildford, which offers a balance between being close to London while still having a campus atmosphere. 

My first impression when arriving at Surrey was of a vibrant and welcoming campus community with modern facilities and a diverse student body. 

Why are you passionate about your subject? 

I am passionate about criminology and sociology because I am intrigued by understanding the complexities of human, social structures, and the dynamics of crime and justice within societies. 

I appreciate the interdisciplinary approach of my course, which allows me to explore various perspectives and theories related to crime, deviance and social justice issues. The facilities on my course are well-equipped, with resources such as libraries, research databases, and seminar rooms, which have greatly facilitated my studying experience. 

What career support have you received? 

I've received career support from various sources including tutors, workshops offered by the careers centre, and networking events organised by the university. While I'm still exploring various career paths, I am considering options in areas such as research, policy analysis, or community advocacy related to social justice and crime prevention. 

Are you part of any clubs or societies? 

I am part of several clubs and societies related to criminology and sociology, which have provided opportunities for networking, academic discussions, and social events, enhancing my overall Surrey experience. I am also currently a peer supporter on campus. 

Being a peer supporter at Surrey has been incredibly fulfilling. I've enjoyed helping fellow students navigate challenges, developing crucial interpersonal skills, and deepening my sense of belonging within the university community. It's been a rewarding experience that has enriched my time at Surrey in numerous ways. 

What are the best things about life in Surrey? 

The best things about life in Surrey include the beautiful campus, the multicultural environment, access to amenities like the Surrey Sports Park, and the proximity to London for cultural and professional opportunities. 

My best moment at Surrey so far has been presenting my research at a conference and receiving positive feedback from both peers and academics. 

My time at Surrey has had a significant impact on me by expanding my knowledge, improving my critical thinking skills, and preparing me for future career opportunities in the field of criminology and sociology. 

Do you have any other comments about Surrey? 

Overall, my experience at Surrey has been incredibly rewarding, and I am grateful for the opportunities for personal and academic growth it has provided me with as a Criminology and Sociology BSc student.

What’s something you couldn’t live without at university? 

A comfortable pair of headphones was something I couldn't live without at university. Whether I was listening to music to unwind, tuning into online lectures, or joining virtual study sessions, having high-quality headphones made all the difference in my overall experience.

What’s one food dish or snack you couldn’t live without at university? 

Biryani was my ultimate comfort food during my time at university. Its aromatic spices and flavourful rice always reminded me of home and provided a much-needed taste of comfort during stressful periods. 

Describe your experience at Surrey in three words. 

My experience at Surrey can be summed up as transformative, supportive and unforgettable.