Mathematics is essential for understanding almost every area of modern life. Its influence spans finance, medical science, digital communications and even weather forecasting.

Our mathematics courses will give you a vital insight into mathematical applications that are crucial to social, industrial and technological development.

Our leading international research informs our teaching and we have close connections with major organisations, opening the door to a wide range of careers, from finance and engineering to pharmacology and healthcare.


Learning, prediction and decision control in complex systems

Funding information:
A stipend of £16,000 per anum subject to nationality and residence status. Fees are covered for UK/EU students (in value of £4,260). Directly funded project (European/UK Students only).

Mathematical modelling and statistical data analysis of Surrey Police data

Funding information:
This project is funded for 3 years. Funding covers fees at UK/EU level (£4407 per year) and a stipend of approximately £15k per year. Along with this you will receive a travel budget for £1000 for 3 years in order to attend training courses and conferences.

Uncertainty quantification in high-dimensional spaces with Bayesian deep learning

Funding information:
Stipend: £16,000 per annum.Fees:  Studentship Fees are covered at UK /EU rates. The studentship is open to both UK/EU students (full award – tuition plus stipend) and international students (partial award - tuition at the UK/EU rate plus stipend). International applicants are encouraged to apply for a fee scholarship to reduce tuition fees to the UK/EU rate.

Students and graduates