Research staff


Role Project Affiliation


Dr Mohamed Abdelwahab Research Fellow 3D sensing & perception for space robotic system (funded by EPSRC) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  
Dr Mohamed Alkalla Research Fellow Planetary “wasp drill” (funded by EPSRC) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  
Dr Miranda Bradshaw Space Qualified Metrology Engineer Space Metrology for Proba3 and LunaResource Missions (funded by KTP) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  
Dr Alex Dyer Research Fellow   Space Environment and Protection +44 (0)1483 686263

Dr Alex Hands

Research Fellow   Space Environment and Protection

 +44 (0)1483 686262

Dr Daniel (Zhou) Hao Research Fellow GNC for space robotic system (funded by EPSRC) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  

Dr Pasquale Iervolino

Research Fellow   Remote Sensing

+44 (0)1483 686022

Nikos Mavrakis Research Fellow      
Dr Angadh Nanjangud Research Fellow On-orbit operation based on AI robotics (funded by space industry and EPSRC) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  
Dr Pedro Proenca Research Fellow   AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)  

Dr Marcello Remedia

Research Fellow   Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms

+44 (0)1483 683412

Dr Alessandro Stabile Research Officer   Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms +44 (0)1483 688967
Dr James Stubbing Research Fellow   Electric Propulsion  
Dr Ben Taylor Research Fellow   Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms +44 (0)1483 686278

Dr Ivan Vitanov

Research Fellow Autonomous Nuclear Waste Decommissioning (funded by Sellafield) AI and Robotics (STAR Lab)

+44 (0)1483 686261

Dr Muhammad Zeeshan Babar Postdoctoral Researcher      

Postgraduate research students

Name Affiliation Project title Start date Supervisor
Lotfi Achiri Remote Sensing Maritime surveillance with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) Oct-15 R. Guida
Ghulam Ahmad Sensors and Platforms Systems Novel design and measure methodologies of mm-wave smart antennas Jul-14 C. Underwood
Mazouz Alaa-Eddine On Board Data Handling Low-cost LIDAR/Machine Vision for Close Proximity Operations Apr-17 C. Bridges
Reem Algethamie Astrodynamics Strategies for Satellites to Independently Manoevre to Minimise Collision Risk Oct-15 R. Armellin
Matthew Barker Space Environment and Protection Reliability of modern microelectronics in space Radiation Environments Oct-16 K. Ryden
Hakim Benoudjit Remote Sensing Flood monitoring using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images Apr-15 R. Guida
Abdelhakim Benoudjit Remote Sensing - - -
Agnieska Bialek Sensors and Platforms Systems Vicarious Calibration of Multiple Sensor Platforms Oct-12 C. Underwood
Pete Blacker AI and Robotics (STAR Lab) Next generation rover GNC Oct-16 Y.Gao
Sadra Bolourian Esfahani AI and Robotics (STAR Lab) Data fusion for industrial environment Jan-18 Y.Gao
Jim Boucher Astrodynamics GEO Navigation Oct-13 R. Armellin
Zakaria Bouhanna On Board Data Handling Satellite Traffic Management using Radio Systems Apr-16 C. Bridges
Ben Clewer Space Environment and Protection In-Flight Observations for Atmospheric Radiation Risk Monitorting Oct-16 K.Ryden
Becky Davidson On Board Data Handling On board data processing for downlink optimisation Oct-14 C. Bridges
Salvatore De Lellis Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms A Novel Approach to Account for Structural Uncertainties in Microvibration Predicitons Oct-16 G. Aglietti
Ery Fitrianingsih Astrodynamics Trajectory Optimization based on Primer Vector Theory Jul-15 R. Armellin
David Gondelach Astrodynamics Propagation Methods for Space Situational Awareness Oct-17 R. Armellin
Antonio Gurciullo Plasma Physics and Propulsion Electric propulsion technologies for enabling the use of molecular propellants Oct-15 A. Lucca Fabris
Rowena Harrison - - - -
Cameron Hodge Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Investigation of parameters affecting the microvibration signature of reaction wheel bearings Jul-17 G. Aglietti
Ander Hoffmann Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Virtual testing, model correlation & updates Oct-17 G. Aglietti
Ben Kawak Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Mechanical design of a two-stage viscoelastic isolation system for space applications Jan-12 G. Aglietti
Charly Knight Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Towards More Representative Random Vibration Testing   G. Aglietti
Abdelmadjid Lassakeur Sensors and Platforms Systems Precision ADCS of CubeSats by On-Orbit Determination of the Dynamic Magnetic Moment Disturbances Jul-15 C. Underwood
Callum Middleton Sensors and Platforms Systems Design, Development and Calibration of a Miniature High Radiometric Precision Hyperspectral Imager for CubeSat/NanoSat Constellations and Small Low-Cost UAVs Oct-17 C. Underwood
Seri Mustaza Robotics and Control Robotic Uterine Manipulator: A Novel Concept inspired by Octopus Apr-13 C. Saaj
Yasser Nezzari On Board Data Handling Compiler Extensions towards reliable multicore processor Apr-15 C. Bridges
Evridki Ntagiou Astrodynamics Multi-Objective Optimization: Planning and Scheduling of Agile earth Observation Constellations Operations Jan-15 R. Armellin
Gennaro Principe Astrodynamics Orbit determination with high order sequential filtering Oct-17 R. Armellin
Laura Pirovano Astrodynamics Initial Orbit Determination and Data Association with Differential Algebra Oct-17 R. Armellin
Maximilian Rodger Remote Sensing Optimisation of data fusion of SAR and AIS datasets from NovaSAR-S Jul-17 R. Guida
Salvatore Savastano Remote Sensing Uncertainty Quantification in Microwave Synthetic Aperture RADAR Remote Sensing Data Processing Oct-15 R. Guida
Asma Seddaoui  Robotics and Control Controlled Approach and Capture of a spacecraft using a Free-Flying Robot Oct-15 C. Saaj
Jason Shore Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Spacecraft structures and mechanisms Oct-17 G. Aglietti
Robert Skilton AI and Robotics (STAR Lab) Reconfigurable autonomy for nuclear energy fusion applications Feb-17 Y. Gao
Conrad Spiteri AI and Robotics (STAR Lab) Planetary Robotic Vision Processing for Terrain Assessment Apr-12 Y. Gao
Oulid Yahia Remote Sensing Multisensor data fusion for soil moisture content estimation Apr-15 R. Guida
Vladimir Yotov Spacecraft structures, materials and mechanisms Stochastic Finite Element Method for Vibroacoustic Loads prediction Oct-14 G. Aglietti
Isa Yunusa Chedi Remote Sensing Oil Spill Characterization for Detection and Monitoring of Oil Pollution in  Marine Environment Using SAR Data Jan-17 R. Guida