Surrey spends around £5million every year on energy, emitting over 27,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to reduce our energy-related carbon emissions by 34% by 2020 and have developed a Carbon Management Plan (PDF) to help us achieve this.

The CMP sets out plans for major projects on campus, including installing solar panels, improving lighting and upgrading heating.

Whilst the university is investing in these improvements, we need everyone’s help if we’re going to meet our reduction targets. Follow these easy top tips and remind colleagues and friends – we want to save energy!

Top tips

Switch it off 

Turn off lights when you’re leaving the room, check the power down settings on your computer and turn appliances off at the mains, rather than leaving them on standby. It is estimated that if everyone in the UK turned equipment off standby we could shut down two power stations.

Turn the heating down 

Reducing the temperature of your heating by 1o can cut your bill by up to 10% and closing your curtains at night helps to keep warm air in and cold air out.  

Take the stairs

Lifts use a huge amount of energy, so if you can, try taking the stairs instead. You’ll be reducing the building’s energy use, and keeping fit at the same time!

Find out more

Students can sign up to the Student Switch Off for more top tips and the chance to win prizes by saving energy and water.

Staff can get involved by becoming a Green Impact champion and competing to be named greenest team at the University.