Meet the team

Dr Andrea Rocco

Theory Team Leader, Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, University of Surrey, UK

Dr Rocco is a theoretical physicist with a broad experience in nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics. In recent years he has transitioned towards the study of biological systems by adopting a variety of quantitative approaches ranging from computational analysis to mathematical modelling. His main research focus is to understand at the molecular level the role played by dynamical noise in different cellular processes.

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Dr Tatiana Subkhankulova 

Experimental Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Bath, UK

Dr Hartmut Schwetlick

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Bath, UK

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Professor Robert Kelsh

Experiments Team Leader, Professor of Stem Cell and Developmental Genetics, University of Bath, UK

Prof Kelsh is a developmental geneticist who has worked with  zebrafish for more than 20 years. His interest focuses on understanding how neural crest (stem) cells generate specific derivative cell types in the correct proportions in vivo. His lab does this to understand the fascinating processes of stem cell biology, and because of the biomedical importance of this cell type.

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Ms Kleio Petratou 

PhD student, University of Bath, UK

After obtaining her B.Sc. in Molecular Genetics at King’s College London, Ms Petratou joined Robert Kelsh’s group at the University of Bath as a Ph.D. student. Her project revolves around understanding the molecular basis of fate segregation in the vertebrate neural crest, using zebrafish as a model, and adopting genetic techniques coupled with mathematical modelling. Ms Petratou is also interested in identifying the mechanisms which underlie fate switches within partially fate restricted precursors

Dr Gerardo Aquino

Theoretical Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Surrey, UK