The TEL hub replaces the Staff Common Room as the central place for technology enhanced learning support and guidance for staff.

As part of the SurreyLearn 'refresh' project we took the opportunity to redesign the way support and guidance materials are provided.

Integral to the development of the TEL hub was a process known as co-design, “a method for working closely with end users and stakeholders to explore new ideas and develop solutions that meet their needs".

A new 'Search' feature allows content to be found dynamically. Support materials have been categorised by function such as getting started, step by step and good practice guides to assist staff across the life-cycle of using TEL tools and resources.

The area also uses a new feature of SurreyLearn called 'lessons' this allows colour coding by category and quick access to content. 

Get started and explore the TEL Hub.... (University staff login required)

An example of the TEL hub and the new 'lessons' look and feel is shown below. 

TEL hub
The TEL hub

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