The Biomedical Research Facility is a hub of research activity within the University of Surrey supporting our researchers and collaborators and partners in biomedical research. The facility supports research extending from the molecular sciences to the development of new medicines in humans, directed towards the betterment of human health.

Non-Technical Summaries

Below are the Non-Technical Summaries from all current Procedure Project Licences (PPL) held at the University of Surrey.

All our PPL have been approved by the Animal in Science Regulation Unit of the Home Office following in-depth local ethical review (see more in our ethics section).

Every effort has been made to make those summaries widely accessible but they might still contain technical vocabulary or acronyms.

Technical summaries cover the objectives and potential benefits of the proposed project of work associated with the predicted harms and relevant 3Rs consideration. PPL are granted for a period of five years, this is why we regularly review them during Animal Welfare Ethical Review Body meeting (see ethics). 

When numbers are presented, they are prospective numbers for the full duration of the projects (five years). In practice, the numbers of animals required to deliver the project is often much lower. The actual number of animals supporting research projects under the Animal Scientific Procedure Act of 1986, at the University can be found in our Animal Section.

Nox Enzymes in aging bladder dysfunction

Using delivery platforms for vaccines development against bacterial diseases

The Pathogenesis of a neglected tropical skin disease

Targeted Tumour Therapy

Mechanisms of Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis – insights from murine model

The influence of sleep dynamics on synaptic plasticity across the lifespan