About us

Our £11m Veterinary Pathology Centre provides a focus for pathology research, education and commercial activity.

Mission statement

Diagnostics; One Health; Education; Research; Collaboration.

The mission of the Veterinary Pathology Centre (VPC) is to provide accessible, accurate, and timely diagnostic support for our veterinary clients that allows for early detection and monitoring of diseases to protect animal health, public health, and food safety.

In addition, the VPC also provides a collaborative environment in which to support the teaching and research missions of the University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine, and to train the next generation of veterinary pathologists.

Our values

  • Innovation: Embracing innovative technological advances in veterinary pathology.
  • Collaboration: Working in partnership with the veterinary and scientific community to identify the underlying causes of disease.
  • Passion: A commitment to providing the highest quality of personalised service.
  • Openness: A culture of transparency; working in partnership and sharing outcomes.
  • Curiosity: Driven to a comprehensive understanding of pathological processes through research and fostering inquiring minds.

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Veterinary Pathology Centre
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