The University Archives provide information about our history and organisation, conveying evidence of its policies and decisions, showing what the University has done and why, how it is organised and operates, and its effect on the wider community.

The University Archive collections

Established in accordance with a resolution of the University Senate of 7 February 1984, the University Archive collections is the official repository for the historica; records of the University of Surrey.

Records go back to the founding of Battersea Polytechnic in 1891. We collect copies of current publications, as well as minutes and other documents once they are no longer required for day-to-day business purposes.

The archives include:

  • Minutes of Senate, the University Council and their committees, and the Polytechnic Governing Body
  • Records of academic and administrative departments
  • Financial records, including annual accounts and balance sheets
  • Records of relations with external bodies and associated institutions
  • Publications, including annual reports, calendars, magazines, prospectuses, newsletters, student magazines and handbooks
  • Student enrolment records
  • Staff records
  • Examination papers
  • Records of University and Polytechnic land, estates and facilities
  • Photographs and items of historic interest, such as badges, clothes and trophies.

The University Archive Collections are managed by Archives and Special Collections who also hold a large number of other archive collections.