Specific accommodation requirements

If you have particular requirements for accommodation there is a range of options to support you. 

Accessible or adapted accommodation

We have a number of rooms that are accessible or have been adapted to meet specific requirements. If you would like details of what support or adaptations are available, please contact the Disability and Neurodiversity team to discuss your needs.

Surrey works with AccessAble to provide detailed accessibility information about all of the University’s campuses, buildings and facilities. All our accommodation access guides are available on the AccessAble website.

Students with medical conditions

If you note on your application for accommodation that you have special requirements for medical or personal reasons, then you and your doctor or health professional will need to complete a form called the "Application for Preferential Accommodations on Medical Grounds".

You can request this form from Accommodation Services. Once completed, please send it to Disability and Neurodiversity Services at disability@surrey.ac.uk. They will review your case and make a recommendation to the Accommodation team.

We will follow the recommendation and email you with their decision at the earliest opportunity. Your application for accommodation will not be delayed while we wait for this information.

In some cases you may have been allocated but a decision is still pending. If your request is supported and your allocated room is not suitable, we will do our best to change your room (subject to availability).

Please note that medical information needs to be updated each year. You are required to submit a medical form with every application for accommodation, even if you have already done so in previous years

Students with financial difficulties

We have a range of rooms to meet different budgets. Check the residence fee list (PDF) to see what band suits your budget. When you are making your application it is possible to note that you would like a specific price band or type of accommodation for financial reasons.

If you are not successful in getting your preferred banding, you have the option to contact the HIVE for an "Application for Room Change on Financial Grounds". Complete the application and return it to the HIVE with the requested supporting documents either as a hard copy or a scanned attachment sent to hive@surrey.ac.uk. If your room change is supported, Accommodation Services will contact you to offer a new cheaper room (subject to availability). Whilst we will do our best to find you a suitable room, due to variable room availability no guarantees can be made regarding type of room, nor move timescale.

If you are still experiencing financial difficulties contact Student Money.

Lifestyle choices

The University offers accommodation to suit different lifestyle choices including single-sex, quiet or alcohol-free flats. You may include your preference your application. 

It is expected that students may request single-sex, quiet or alcohol-free accommodation. At the current time we are planning to have accommodation assigned to one of the above, not multiplies. As a result if a student requests multiples for example single sex and quiet, we will need to identify the key requirement.

We endeavour to meet the requirements in your application, however due to availability we are unable to guarantee that you will be allocated within your preference. 

Quiet accommodation 

We have a limited number of quiet rooms available. If you wish to apply for a quiet flat you may do so by stating it as your preferred choice in the special requests section on your application. In applying for this type of accommodation, applicants understand that there will be no social gatherings, typically single visitors will be permitted, TV and music will be kept at a low volume at all times or headphones worn.

We do not envisage being able to guarantee a permanently quiet environment, but by grouping like-minded people together it is hoped we can at least provide a suitable alternative.

Alcohol-free accommodation 

We have a limited number of alcohol-free rooms available. If you wish to apply for an alcohol-free flat you may do so by stating it as your preferred choice in the special requirements section on your application. In applying for this type of accommodation, applicants understand that alcohol will not be brought into, be stored or be consumed in the flat.

We do not envisage being able to guarantee a permanently alcohol-free environment but by grouping like-minded people together it is hoped we can at least provide a suitable alternative.

Single-sex accommodation

We have a limited number of flats which are reserved for either male or female only occupants. If you wish to apply for a single-sex flat you may select it on the preferences section of your application.

Students occupying rooms in single-sex flats may not have visitors of the opposite sex after 10pm on any night. Please note that staff or contractors entering the flats may be of the opposite sex.