The research of our team focuses on understanding and reducing noise generation from turbulent flows interacting with aero-structures, e.g. gas turbine engines, aircraft fuselage, aerofoils, wind turbine blades and other bluff bodies.

The Aeroacoustics group is part of the Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow group at the University of Surrey.

We investigate both fundamental and applied problems in aeroacoustics and fluid mechanics, using mainly theoretical and experimental as well as numerical methods. All these methods are being applied to specific engineering applications in order to understand the underlying physics of noise generation and develop new noise control techniques for civil aircraft, high-speed trains, automobiles, wind turbines, etc.

Experimental facilities available for research in aeroacoustics and fluid mechanics within the Aerodynamics and Environmental Flow laboratory include a newly built aeroacoustic wind tunnel (flow speed up to 35 m/s) and the closed-circuit Aero Tunnel (flow speed up to 40 m/s).

A fully automated testing instrumentation suite is equipped which includes multi-axis Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA), hot wire anemometry, 6-component force balance, microphones, etc. The Surrey Phased Microphone Array system is currently under development which can be used to identify the locations and amplitudes of possible noise sources from any testing objects.

Current activities

Acoustic application of porous materials

  • Flow and noise control of bluff bodies with metal foam and metal woven materials (with Dr Stefan Szyniszewski,Surrey)
  • Sound insulation of sandwich panels with porous core (e.g. polyurethane, metal foam)


Acoustic testing

  • Design and construction of an aeroacoustic wind tunnel
  • Development of the Surrey Phased Microphone Array system (with QinetiQ Ltd)
  • Novel acoustic testing technique for in-flow measurements in closed return wind tunnels (with Aero Acoustics Ltd)


  • Unblocking an elastic tube with focused ultrasound beams (with Dr Wei Xu, Surrey)
  • CFD solutions of aerofoils for noise prediction of wind turbines (with Aero Acoustics Ltd)




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