Turbulence remains one of the last great unsolved problems in the engineering sciences. Developing our understanding of these complex flows allows us to formulate more accurate and robust predictive tools, which may then have applications in areas ranging from aircraft design to weather forecasting, commercial agriculture and even diagnostic medicine.


Fundamental turbulence is a vibrant and growing area of research, encompassing a very broad mix of specialist fields including (amongst others) mathematics, nonlinear dynamics, electronics, acoustics, signal processing and high-power computing, alongside aerodynamics and thermodynamics.

Current work

Our current areas of work include:

  • Pollutant dispersion modelling in the atmospheric environment by Professor Alan Robins.
  • Investigating similarity characteristics within turbulent boundary layers and turbulent vortex flows by Dr David Birch.
  • Direct numerical simulations of turbulent flows and transition by Dr Olaf Marxen.

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We have numerous wind tunnels including a meteorological wind tunnel and EnFlo tunnel which is one of few in the world which allow experiments to be carried out in controlled conditions simulating the Earth's atmosphere.

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