Our Centre is involved with the Aerodynamic and Environmental Flow PhD course.


Wake modelling of offshore wind turbines in non-neutral atmosphere

Funding information:
UK fees are covered Annual stipend at standard UKRI rate (£16,062 p.a. for 2022/23).

Large eddy simulation of centrifugal Rayleigh-Bénard convection in turbomachinery disc cavities

Funding information:
Open to UK and international applicants. The stipend for this position is the UKRI standard rate (currently £16,062 p.a. 2022/23) plus a possible supplement of £3,000 p.a.

Data-driven modelling of laminar-turbulent transition in wall-bounded flows

Funding information:
A stipend of £16,062 for 2022/23, which will increase each year in line with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) rate, in addition to £1,000 per annum to be spent on research and training. Home rate fee allowance of £4,500 (with automatic increase to UKRI rate each year). For exceptional international candidates, there is the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to cover overseas fees.

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The Doctoral College supports the academic and professional development of postgraduate researchers to ensure our world-leading research continues to grow. There is also an extensive Researcher Development Programme run at university level.

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We have numerous wind tunnels including a meteorological wind tunnel and EnFlo tunnel which is one of few in the world which allow experiments to be carried out in controlled conditions simulating the Earth's atmosphere.

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