Thermo-Fluid Systems University Technology Centre

Our Centre was established in early 2003 with support from Rolls-Royce plc, and was officially opened in November that year. We are located at the heart of the University campus, sharing some facilities with the Environmental Flow Laboratory (EnFlo) and Surrey’s Advanced Vehicle Analysis Group (SAVAG).


Our research focuses on turbomachinery internal fluid and thermal systems, and is funded with grants from industry, UK national funding agencies, and the European Commission. Current work includes the development of high-precision simulations of secondary flows within an engine, to improve efficiencies by refining the mechanical design.

Most of our research involves development and exploitation of advanced computer modelling techniques and dedicated high performance computing facilities are available to support this work. We are involved in a number of formal and informal collaborative projects with other European universities and turbomachinery companies, with considerable use being made of experimental data from other groups.

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Student using wind tunnel


We have numerous wind tunnels including a meteorological wind tunnel and EnFlo tunnel which is one of few in the world which allow experiments to be carried out in controlled conditions simulating the Earth's atmosphere.

Meet the team


Nicholas Hills profile image

Professor Nicholas Hills

Professor of Computational Engineering, Faculty Associate Dean of the Doctoral College

Staff members

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Dario Amirante

Research Fellow

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Professor John Chew

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Vladislav Ganine

Research Fellow

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Dr Feng Gao

Visiting Senior Lecturer

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Dr Zixiang Sun

Research Fellow

Associated staff

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Dr Michael Pekris

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Sciences

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Professor Rex Thorpe

Professor of Chemical Engineering

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Dr Mark Whiting

Associate Professor of Metallurgy, Director of the Centre for Engineering Materials