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Advice and consultancy

The Centre for Britain and Europe (CBE) operates as a dynamic think tank, providing invaluable advisory and consultancy services to governments, organizations, and businesses seeking expert insights and analysis on matters related to Britain's relationship with Europe. 

What we do

Our team of seasoned researchers and policy experts offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in areas such as trade, governance, security, and international relations. 

Through tailored research, policy briefings, and strategic consultations, we help navigate the complex landscape of European affairs, providing evidence-based recommendations and solutions that align with their objectives. Our commitment to informed and pragmatic guidance ensures that we play a pivotal role in shaping effective policies and strategies for a wide range of stakeholders, contributing to a more informed and interconnected world.

We have to date provided advisory to the local businesses, government, and the UK parliament on issues of governance, post Covid-19 recovery measures, health, economics, and post-Brexit management.