30th anniversary

Celebrating 30 years of research excellence


Can machines think?

Over the past thirty years, we have become an international centre of excellence for training and research in audio and visual machine perception in collaboration with industry. Our research has pioneered new technologies for the benefit of society and the economy, with applications spanning healthcare, security, entertainment, robotics, autonomous vehicles, communication and audio-visual data analysis.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for our 30th anniversary celebrations - the showcase of our research during the ‘can machines think?’ event on Thursday 4th  April and the open house event on Friday 5th April.

Anniversary book

If you'd like to learn more about what research we are doing then take a look through our anniversary book. You can also download our visual recondition app through the Google Play store which provides access to additional digital content.

CVSSP book

Can machines think? – 4 April 2019

Past, present and future of AI

Take a look at the video below talking about the past, present and future of artificial intelligence.



Keynotes and panel discussion 

Take a look at the video documenting the keynote talks and panel discussion from the event.

Photo gallery

These are images from our 'can machines think?' event. For the full gallery from the event, please go to our Google Photos gallery.

CVSSP open house – 5 April 2019

Photo gallery

These are images from the open house event we held on 5 April. For the full gallery from the event, please go to our Google Photos gallery.

Research demonstrations

We held lots of live demonstrations during our event showing all our exciting research which we have listed below.

Creative - sound

Creative sound works on spatial audio and machine audition, developing audio and signal processing technology related to sound recognition and immersive audio experiences.

  • AudioCommons
  • Spatial audio for immersive experience at home
  • S3A production tools
  • Acoustic room reproduction in virtual reality
  • Turning forest virtual reality
  • Classifying sounds like a human
  • Sound recognition
  • Sentimental audio memories demonstrator
  • Optimising sensor array performance

Creative - visual

Creative visual focuses on machine perception for creative technologies, specialising in 4D immersive virtual reality (VR) content production, performance capture and video based animation for film and games.

  • Live motion capture VR
  • Kinch and the double world VR
  • 4D boxing VR and sport broadcasting
  • Photogrammetry scanning cage
  • Sketch search
  • Sketch me that shoe!



Healthcare focuses on medical imaging technologies for cancer detection and machine learning in personalised care for better living and healthier aging.

  • Technology integrated health management (TIHM) for dementia
  • How AI can help you sleep better
  • Improving lives through medical imaging


Data addresses the application of AI for audio-visual information search, understanding and preservation including visual recognition, distributed ledger technologies and the understanding of AI.

  • Understanding AI systems
  • Real-time landmark recognition
  • Understanding video semantics
  • Real-time fashion analysis
  • IoTCrawler: A search engine for the internet of things


Security works on biometrics related technologies, specialising in facial recognition and natural language interfaces for human-AI collaboration.

  • Age estimator
  • Video face recognition
  • Visual object tracking
  • Real-time 3D face reconstruction
  • Face matching
  • Person re-identification using vision and language


Robotics works on autonomous systems, covering a broad range of technologies related to visual human-machine interaction. these include sign language and autonomous vehicles.

  • Sign language assessment prototype
  • Baxter VR experience
  • Event camera
  • Surrey autonomous test bed