PhD awards

Research students within CVSSP who have passed their PhD viva voce examinations throughout the years.

Viva voce awards

Sara Mahvash Mohammadi - 19 January 2021
PhD: Machine Learning Applied to Video Monitoring of Sleep
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells

Conghui Hu - 5 February 2021
PhD: Delving Deep into the Sketch and Photo Relation
Supervised by: Dr Yi-Zhe Song

Rebecca Allday - 22nd March 2021
PhD: Machine Learning for Robotic Grasping
Supervised by: Professor Richard Bowden

Matthew Shere - 14th June 2021
PhD: Spherical Based Human Tracking and 3D Pose Estimation for Immersive Entertainment Production
Supervised by: Professor Adrian Hilton

Matteo Toso - 16th June 2021
PhD: Continuous Learning of Inverse Problems with Applications to Structure from Motion
Supervised by: Dr Chris Russel & Professor Adrian Hilton

Gianmarco Addari - 8th July 2021
PhD: Full 3D Modelling of Scenes with Complex Surface Reflectance
Supervised by: Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut

Helen Yu Chi Wang - 28th July 2021
PhD: Texture Analysis in Radiotherapy
Supervised by: Prof Philip Evans

Miguel Blanco Galindo - 10 February 2020
PhD: Microphone Array Beamforming for Spatial Audio Object Capture
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Benjamin Hammond - 20 February 2020
PhD: Binaural Sound Source Localization
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Lucas Rencker - 2 March 2020
PhD: Sparse Representations and Dictionary Learning for Signal Reconstruction from Corrupted Measurements
Supervised by: Prof Wenwu Wang.

Joao Regateiro - 14 May 2020
PhD: Learning to Animate Volumetric Video
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Iwona Sobieraj - 18 June 2020
PhD: Environmental Audio Analysis by Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Supervised by: Prof Mark Plumbley.

Kaiyang Zhou - 3 September 2020
PhD: Adaptation and Generalization Across Domains in Visual Recognition with Deep Neural Networks
Supervised by: Prof Tao Xiang.

Necati Cihan Camgöz - 25 September 2020
PhD: Neural Sign Language Recognition and Translation
Supervised by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Umar Riaz Muhammad - 15 October 2020
PhD: Sketch Abstraction
Supervised by: Dr Yi-Zhe Song.

Alfredo Zermini - 4 June 2019
PhD: Deep Learning for Speech Separation
Supervised by: Dr Wenwu Wang.

Da Li - 6 August 2019
PhD: Deep Domain Generalisation: From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous
Supervised by: Dr Yi-Zhe Song.

Qiuqiang Kong - 7 August 2019
PhD: Sound Event Detection with Weakly Labelled Data
Supervised by: Prof Mark Plumbley.

Cian O'Brien - 28 August 2019
PhD: Low Rank Modelling for Automatic Music Transcription
Supervised by: Prof Mark Plumbley.

Henne Stenzel - 24 September 2019
PhD: Influences on Perceived Horizontal Audio-Visual Spatial Alignment
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Nikolaos Papachristou - 18 October 2019
PhD: Machine Learning for Exploring and Predicting Cancer Symptom Clusters
Supervised by: Prof Payam Barnaghi.

Yang Liu - 1 November 2019
PhD: Particle Flow PHD Filtering for Multi-Speaker Tracking
Supervised by: Prof Wenwu Wang.

Sam Fowler - 21 November 2019
PhD: Indoor Scene Understanding from Visual Analysis of Human Activity
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

William Scott-Jackson - 14 March 2018
PhD: Marker - Less Respiratory Gating for PET Imaging with Intelligent Gate Optimisation
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Chris Baume - 20 March 2018
PhD: Semantic Audio Tools for Radio Production
Supervised by Professor Mark Plumbley.

Matthew Marter - 18 September 2018
PhD: Learning to Recognise Visual Content from Textual Annotation
Supervised by Professor Richard Bowden.

Matthew Trumble - 21 November 2018
PhD: Machine Learning for Human Performance Capture from Multi-Viewpoint Video
Supervised by Professor John Collomosse.

George Papachristodoulou - 7 December 2018
PhD: New Imaging Techniques for Brachytherapy Imaging
Supervised by Professor Philip Evans.

Tu Bui - 10 December 2018
PhD: Sketch based Image Retrieval on Big Visual Data
Supervised by Professor John Collomosse.

Gosala Kulupana - 20 November 2017
QoE aware HEVC based Video Communication
Supervised by: Dr Anil Fernando.

Oscar Mendez - 16 November 2017
Collaborative Strategies for Autonomous Localisation, 3D Reconstruction and Path Planning
Supervise by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Chathura Galkandage - 10 November 2017
Perception inspired stereoscopic image and video quality assessment
Supervised by: Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut.

Junaid Mir - 11 September 2017
High Dynamic Range Video Compression
Supervised by: Dr Anil Fernando.

Patrik Huber - 31 August 2017
Real-time 3D Morphable Shape Model Fitting to Monocular In-the-wild Videos
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Thanuja Mallikarachchi - 4 July 2017
HEVC Encoder Optimization and Decoding Complexity-Aware Video Encoding
Supervised by: Dr Anil Fernando.

Luca Remaggi - 20 June 2017
Acoustic Reflector Localisation for Blind Source Separation and Spatial Audio
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Michaela Spiteri - 19 May 2017
Imaging Biomarkers in Paediatric Brain Resection MRI
Supervised by: Dr Emma Lewis.

Ryan Perera - 4 May 2017
Error Control for Compressed Video Transmission over Next Generation Mobile Networks
Supervised by: Dr Hemantha Kodikara Arachchi.

James Elder - 26 january 2017
Interactive Visualisation for the Discovery of Cyber Security Threats
Supervised by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Rhodri Smith - 13 January 2017
Respiratory Motion Correction in Medical Imaging
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Asad Javied - 15 December 2016
Application Partitioning and Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing
Supervised by: Dr Janko Calic.

Sheaka Alobaidli - 6 December 2016
Functional Imaging and Texture Analysis in Radiotherapy Planning
Supervised by: Prof Philip Evans.

Armin Mustafa - 29 November 2016
General 4D dynamic scene reconstruction from multiple view videos
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Atiyeh Alinaghi - 16 September 2016
Blind Convolutive Stereo Speech Separation and Deverberation
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Karel Lebeda - 15 June 2016
2D and 3D Tracking and Modelling
Supervised by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Fatemeh Tahavori - 31 May 2016
The application of a low-cost 3D depth camera for patient set-up and respiratory motion management in radiotherapy
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Jing Dong - 27 May 2016
Sparse analysis model based dictionary learning and signal reconstruction
Supervised by: Dr Wenwu Wang.

Charles Gray - 24 May 2016
Scalable Online Annotation & Object Localisation For Broadcast Media Production
Supervised by: Dr John Collomosse.

Mark Brown - 20 May 2016
Multi-modal Data Registration for Digital Film Production
Supervised by: Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut.

Louis Christodoulou - 18 March 2016
A Hybrid Unicast Broadcast Content Delivery Framework
Supervised by: Prof Ahmet Kondoz.

Kaushala Dias - 17 March 2016
Dynamic and Instantaneous Pruning of Ensemble Predictors
Supervised by: Dr Terry Windeatt.

Nadejda Roubtsova - 15 March 2016
Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Complex Reflectance Properties
Supervised by: Dr Jean-Yves Guillemaut.

Marco Volino - 4 March 2016
View-Dependent Representation of shape and Appearance from Multiple View Video
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Charles Malleson - 10 February 2016
Dynamic Scene Modelling and Representation from Video and Depth
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Syed Sameed Husain - 2 February 2016
Robust Aggregation of Local Descriptors for image Retrieval and Classification
Supervised by: Prof Miroslaw Bober.

Areeb Riaz - 22 January 2016
Adaptive Blind Source Separation Using Intensity Vector Statistics
Supervised by: Prof Ahmet Kondoz.

Philip Krejov - 22 January 2016
Real Time Hand Pose Estimation for Human Computer Interaction
Supervised by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Nasser Haddad - 3 December 2015
Non-Reference Depth Map Quality Evaluation in Immersive Video Applications
Supervised by: Prof Ahmet Kondoz.

Zhenhua Feng - 20 November 2015
Robust Facial Landmark Detection in the Wild
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

James Imber - 19 November 2015
Intrinsic Reflectance Estimation from Video and Shape for Natural Dynamic Scenes
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Volkan Kilic - 24 September 2015
Audio-Visual Tracking of Multiple Moving Speakers
Supervised by: Dr Wewu Wang.

Sam Zargham - 16 September 2015
Synchronous Visualisation of Multiple Photo Streams
Supervised by: Dr Janko Calic.

Stuart James - 3 September 2015
Visual Narratives: Free-hand Sketch for Visual Search and Navigation of Video
Supervised by: Dr John Collomosse.

Alexandros Neophytou - 28 July 2015
Data Driven Models of Human Shape, Pose and Garment Deformation
Supervised by: Prof Adrian Hilton.

Michela Esposito - 13 July 2015
CMOS Active Pixel Sensors in Bio-Medical Imaging
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Guosheng Hu - 3 June 2015
Face Analysis using a 3D Morphable Model
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Cagri Ozcinar - 8 May 2015
Multi-View Video Communication
Supervised by: Prof Ahmet Kondoz.

Nazli FarajiDavar - 27 February 2015
Transductive Transfer Learning for Computer Vision
Supervised by: Dr Teo DeCampos.

Lukasz Litwic - 14 January 2015
Separation of Sound Sources: Machine Audition Perspective
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Aarushi Gaur - 17 December 2014
Ranking Images Based on Aesthetic Qualities
Supervised by: Dr Krystian Mikolajczyk.

Marek Olik - 17 December 2014
Personal Sound Zone Reproduction with Room Reflections
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Paul Koppen - 10 October 2014
Learning 3D Face Shape Features from Local Coherence
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Konstantinos Avgerinakis - 7 October 2014
Video Processing and Background Subtraction for Change Detection and Activity Recognition
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Brian Holt - 21 July 2014
Implicit models for automatic pose estimation in static images
Supervised by: Prof Richard Bowden.

Elizabeth Chatziliari - 4 July 2014
Social media based scalable concept detection
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Violet Snell - 12 June 2014
Shape and Texture Recognition for Automated Analysis of Pathology Images
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Alaleh Rashidnasab - 11 June 2014
Simulation of breast lesions in x-ray mammography screening
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Cemre Zor - 4 June 2014
Analysis and pruning of ensemles utilizing bias and variance theory
Supervised by: Prof Josef Kittler.

Syed Zubair - 30 May 2014
Dictionary learning for signal classification
Supervised by: Dr Wenwu Wang.

Chamitha de Alwis - 15 May 2014
Optimizing network coding algorithms for multicast applications
Supervised by: Dr Anil Fernendo.

Philip Coleman - 15 April 2014
Loudspeaker array processing for personal sound zone reproduction
Supervised by: Dr Philip Jackson.

Saeed Kiani - 18 March 2014
Blind source separation in dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging renography
Supervised by: Dr Kevin Wells.

Dan Casas - 24 January 2014
Interactive Video-Realistic Character Animation from 4D Performance Capture.

Peter Stroia-Williams - 12 November 2013
Appearance Manipulation of Video.

Margara Tejera - 8 November 2013
Space-Time editing and representation of 3D video sequences.

John Jones - 4 October 2013
Virtual Dissection And Motion Field Mosaics For Breathing Motion Correction In Nuclear Medicine Imaging.

Rangika Abeygunasekera - 1 October 2013
Respiratory-Induced Motion Management and Modelling (MPhil).

Oliver Diaz - 20 September 2013
Scattered radiation in projection X-ray mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis.

Timothy Sheerman-Chase - 19 July 2013
The Automatic Recognition of Facial Non-verbal Communication Meaning in Informal, Spontaneous Conversation.

Falk Schubert - 15 July 2013
Image Enhancement and Fusion Methods For Mobile Camera Platforms.

Ash Gupta - 5 July 2013
Learning a Structured Model for Visual Category Recognition.

Rui Hu - 2 July 2013
Visual Information Retrieval using Annotated Free-hand Sketches.

Pouria Mortazavian - 29 May 2013
Recognition of low-resolution faces using a 3D morphable model.

Aftab Khan - 21 May 2013
Anomaly Detection, Rule Adaptation and Rule Induction Methodologies in the Context of Automated Sports Video Annotation.

Peter Koniousz - 21 May 2013
Novel Image Representations for Visual Categorisation with Bag-of-Words.

Haiyue Yuan - 17 May 2013
User aspects of stereoscopic 3D video interaction.

Simon Hadfield - 3 May 2013
The estimation and use of 3D information, for natural human action recognition.

Tao Xu - 25 April 2013
Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representations with Applications to Blind Source Separation.

Hossein Malekmohammadi - 13 March 2013
Objective models for subjective quality estimation of stereoscopic video.

Martin Klaudiny - 5 March 2013
High-detail temporally consistent 3D capture of facial performance.

Ikhwana Elfitri - 22 January 2013
Analysis by Synthesis Spatial Audio Coding.

Ubong Ukommi - 17 January 2013
Adaptation Techniques for Improved Quality of Mobile Video Services.

Ashrani Abd Rahni - 12 November 2012
Recursive Bayesian Estimation of Respiratory Motion in Nuclear Medicine Imaging.

Zhiru Shi - 9 November 2012
Efficient Inter Prediction for 2D and 3D Video Coding.

Jing Wu - 26 October 2012
An Automated Framework for Observes less Coronary Calcium Scoring of Multi Slice CT Data.

Tinghuai Wang - 20 September 2012
Computer Vision for the Structured Representation and Stylisation of Visual Media Collections.

Rakkrit Duangsoithong - 17 September 2012
Feature Selection and Casual Discovery for Ensemble Classifiers.

Majdi Alnowami - 6 September 2012
Adaptive Modelling and Prediction of Respiratory Motion in External Beam Radiotherapy.

Affan Shaukat - 24 August 2012
Modelling of driver intentions using perception - action hierarchies for vehicle assistance systems.

Panagiotis Sidiropoulos - 31 July 2012
Shot descriptors for video temporal decomposition.

Neil Cooke - 5 July 2012
A context sensitive email filtering approach for information assurance.

Ziya Dereboylu - 22 June 2012
Error Resilient Scalable Video Coding.

Deb Goswami - 31 May 2012
Cross-Spectral Face Recognition for Near-Infrared and Visible Light Modalities.

TariqUllah Jan - 15 February 2012
Blind Convolutive Speech Separation and Dereverberation.

Haider Zargham - 13 February 2012
Robust Speaker Identification against Computer Aided Voice Impersonation.

Olshin Olusegun - 26 January 2012
Human Action Recognition From Relative Motion.

Muhammad Rana - 16 January 2012
Kernel and classifier level fusion for image classification.

Thilini Rajakaruna - 16 November 2011
Application aware video coding.

Amin Merati - 11 November 2011
Multimodal biometric authentication with cohort-based normalisation.

Natalyia Nadtoka - 27 October 2011
Analysis, Modelling and Animation of Emotional Speech in 3D.

Huseyin Oztoprak - 19 October 2011
Advanced error robustness techniques in speech and audio communications.

Wasim Ahmad - 14 October 2011
Analysis, modelling and synthesis of everyday impact sounds.

Varuna De Silva - 20 September 2011
Improving Perceptual Quality of 3DTV Systems.