Software news

We have compiled the status report below for a selection of CAQDAS packages. The software are listed in alphabetical order. Contact us if you would like to see other packages listed here.

ATLAS.ti 7

Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows
ATLAS.ti provides standard code and retrieve and query functionality along with sophisticated hyperlinking tools and semantic networking. It handles textual and multi-media data formats and import of survey data.
ATLAS.ti version 7 was launched in June 2012 and the first user conference was held in Berlin in 2013. This was followed by a second ATLAS.ti user conference in 2015.
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Digital Replay System (DRS) 

Free and open source
Platform: PC Windows and Apple MAC
DRS is a next generation CAQDAS tool which enables the synchronisation, replay, and analysis of audio and video recordings. Distinctively, DRS also enables these conventional forms of recording to be combined with ‘system logs’, which record interaction within computational environments or are the product of using computational techniques to analyse data. SMS messages, interaction in virtual environments, GPS data, or data from body sensors, for example, may be imported into DRS, synchronised with conventional recordings, and be replayed alongside them.
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FrameWork by NATCEN (National Centre of Social Research, UK)

Framework software was launched commercially in March 2009. Supporting the Framework* methodological approach to analysing qualitative data, the software allows data to be organised into a series of matrices, which facilitates case-based and thematic analysis. Framework extends standard CAQDAS capabilities by enabling the creation of tailored matrix outputs or summarised data.
From September 2011 Framework was integrated into NVivo.

*created by NatCen’s Qualitative Research Unit in 1985. 

HyperRESEARCH 3.5 and HyperTRANSCRIBE 1.0

Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows and Apple MAC
HyperRESEARCH provides the standard functionality common to many CAQDAS packages for textual and multi-media data together with some additional features provided through the Hypothesis Tester. Researchware now also develop and sell an aid to the transcription of audo and video formats, HyperTRANSCRIBE. You can purchase both programs together as a HyperBUNDLE and save money.
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MAXqda 11

Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows
MAXqda 11 was released in December 2012. This release includes importation of a wider range of data – e.g. Excel tables, video and audio – as well as new ‘smart reports’ and additional visual and statistical tools. It also includes a unique emoticode option and a mobile app. Add-on modules provide extra functions concerned with content analysis (word frequency tools) in MAXDictio and mapping in MAXMaps.
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QSR NVivo 10

Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows and Apple MAC
NVivo 10 was released in June 2012. It provides additional visualisation tools, offering more quantitative representations and possibilities for importing survey data, as well as options for importing and analysing social media data such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. NVivo also integrates functionality developed by NatCen for data analysis using Framework methodology.

QDA Miner 4

Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows
QDA Miner is a mixed method software, providing code/retrieve functionality as well as sophisticated statistical text mining features. Optional add-on modules provide further mixed method elements (Wordstat, Simstat). Version 4 was released in December 2011 includes new devices for the management of complex projects and to analyse simultaneously unstructured text, images, as well as numerical and categorical data
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Commercial software
Platform: PC Windows
Qualrus is designed to handle unstructured textual and multi-media data. As well as tools common to other CAQDAS packages, Qualrus includes intelligent coding tools, which learns coding trends over time and suggests codes based on a number of criteria.
Idea Works were working on a web based version
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TAMS Analyzer

Open source freeware
Platform: MAC OS X and Linux
Designed for use in ethnographic and discourse research the Text Analysis Markup System (TAMS) is a convention for identifying themes in qualitative texts. TAMS Analyzer provides code / retreive and analytic functionality and transcription for audio files.
Download the current version from the TAMS website

Transana 2.6

Open Source
Commercial software (low cost)
Platform: PC Windows and Apple MAC
Single user and multi-user versions
Transana is a audio-video analysis and transcription tool. It provides effective synchronisation between video/audio and textual trascriptions and the usual code / retrieve functionality. Transana provides support for multiple simultaneous media files, meaning up to four media files about the same event can be synchronised and played simultaneously. A multi user version allows multiple sites to work (online) simultaneously on the same project and data.
Download the latest version from the Transana website
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