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Whether you are interested in pure or applied mathematics, we are the right place to undertake your studies for a PhD Mathematics.

What we are researching

We are undertaking ground breaking research tackling real world challenges such as disease diagnosis and weather forecasting. The topic of a PhD dissertation may be chosen from a wide range of research topics within the Department.

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You will work as part of a vibrant and supportive community of early career researchers who collaborate and exchange ideas with each other and the wider mathematical community. You will be extensively trained for a career as a professional mathematician, which will set you on the right track for a future in academia, industry or government.

You will work closely with one or two supervisors, who you will meet with on a frequent basis, to discuss your research and your career development and they will oversee your progress and offer advice throughout your PhD studies.

If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, please look at the interests of our Department's research groups and get in contact with an academic.

Expert support

The Doctoral College supports the academic and professional development of postgraduate researchers to ensure our world-leading research continues to grow. There is also an extensive Researcher Development Programme run at university level.

Your PhD journey

Being a PhD student is a full-time occupation and you will spend the majority of each working day undertaking your research or engaging in training. PhD students are professional Early Career Researchers and as a PhD student, you will be fully engaged with the research culture in our Department.

The following sketches a typical journey for a PhD student at Surrey and highlights some key landmarks on route. The time scales apply to full-time PhD students. Those who are part-time should adjust these times as appropriate.

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