We conduct world-leading research in three core areas: leadership and team processes, quality of working life, and human resource assessment and performance.

Research themes

Human resource assessment and performance

We have advanced technical expertise in recruitment and selection, performance measurement and management, individual differences, and all forms of psychometric and personnel assessment for business, which we apply in published research and projects with organisations:

  • Assessment for recruitment and selection
  • Employee engagement
  • Human resource analytics and evaluation
  • Performance measurement and metrics
  • Personality assessment and development
  • Survey design.

Leadership and team processes

Our world-leading research is applied in our work with students and executive clients:

  • Emotions in team processes
  • Intuition, decision making and judgement
  • Leader-member exchange and relational perspectives on leadership
  • Negotiation, conflict management, and conflict resolution
  • Personality and leadership behaviour
  • The role of leadership in creating positive and rewarding jobs.

Quality of working life

We represent rich and diverse perspectives on the quality of people’s working lives, encompassing psychological, sociological, organisational behaviour and management approaches which we apply to organisations and policy:

  • Job quality 
  • Job satisfaction, motivation, and engagement
  • Pay and reward
  • Perceptions of injustice in the workplace
  • Socio-demography of work
  • Work-family interface.