Research courses

We are a thriving space for research and public engagement on a range of political areas. We’re home to roughly a dozen researchers working across politics and international relations.

What we are researching

European politics

  • European foreign and security policy
  • The role of the EU as an international actor
  • European integration theories
  • European equality policies and social policy
  • Regionalism and area studies
  • Area studies
  • Environmental policy
  • Opposition to the EU

Government and opposition

  • Electoral behaviour, party politics and patronage
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Citizens’ impressions of parties and their leaders
  • Social movements, opposition and resistance
  • Populism and radicalisation
  • Social media
  • Social, political and gender theories
  • Public opinion analysis

Security and conflict

  • Human rights and humanitarianism
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Security and defence
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • International intervention
  • Foreign policy
  • Post-conflict reconstruction and stabilisation

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Expert support

Our Doctoral College supports the academic and professional development of postgraduate researchers to ensure our world-leading research continues to grow. There is also an extensive Researcher Development Programme run at university level.