My Surrey experience

Read our student case studies to discover what it's like to be a student at the University of Surrey.

My PhD experience – Katie Ley, PhD Medical Physics

“The research I’m conducting could assist and improve procedures for many patients; it’s a good feeling to be researching something that could make a difference!”

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My Surrey experience – Vanessa Azzopardi, MSc Medical Imaging

"The academics on my programme are very knowledgeable, and often there is more than one lecturer per module, so students gain the best possible teaching from experts in each field."

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My PhD experience – Hashini Thirimanne, Electronic Engineering

"The idea of starting from nanostructures and building something unique and useful for society has challenged and inspired me."

My Surrey experience – Matthew Paddley, MEng Chemical Engineering

“I would say that I’ve had the best three years of my life at Surrey by far – and I’d recommend the University to anyone considering higher education.”

My PhD experience – Panayiotis Kattou, Chemical and Process Engineering

“When I heard about this PhD project I knew I wanted to do it. It wasn’t just the science that excited me but also its direct impact and relevance to industry and the outside world.”

My PhD experience – Monica Garcia Ortega, Chemical and Process Engineering

“It’s great to know that the study I’ve conducted could benefit the future energy picture by enabling advanced CO2 capture systems.”

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My Surrey experience – William Sereki, MSc Information Security

“One of the great things about the programme is that modules such as Information Security Management have covered most of the knowledge I needed in order to take professional certifications.”

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My Surrey experience – Madhuvanthi Nirmalnath, MSc Information Systems

"I think that some people find the idea of doing a dissertation intimidating but I’ve found that at Surrey there is a lot of support with this."

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My PhD experience – Guo Yu, Computer Science

"I have an experienced, knowledgeable supervisor who challenges me to push myself and go further with my research. At the same time, there’s a cosy environment within the Department of Computer Science"