Finding jobs

Job hunting is a competitive activity with employers looking for applicants who can offer the most. It is also an evidence-based process where employers seek information about activities you have done in the past to provide evidence that you will be able to use a skill, quality or knowledge in the future.

Find out about how we can support you with finding graduate roles, part-time work and internships.

Graduate roles

There are many opportunities for you to find graduate-level jobs in the UK and abroad. We have unique links with local business partners to offer full-time and permanent roles to our graduates. All the latest vacancies are shown on our online careers portal, Surrey Pathfinder and our Careers Advisers can help support you with your application.

Part-time work

While you are studying, you can work part-time here on campus, at Surrey Sports Park and in the local Guildford area. We post the latest vacancies on our online careers portal, Surrey Pathfinder and can help support you with your application.

Santander Internship Scheme

Santander SME Internship Programme helps Surrey students gain work experience within a small or medium enterprise. Students can undertake paid internships between 4 and 10 weeks in duration, on a full-time or part-time basis (depending on the needs of the SME).

Benefits to you

  • Gain practical experience of the workplace and develop professional skills, which will help you stand out in the selection process.
  • Get paid while demonstrating your skills and creativity.
  • Enhance your employability and CV.
  • Use as a way into an organisation - employers increasingly recruit graduates from their pool of interns. 
  • Input to projects and business development.