Purple Network

Th Purple Network aims to provide staff with support and an opportunity to network and feed into Surrey’s work towards disability equality.

About the Purple Network

The Purple Network is a safe space for those with experiences of disability and chronic illness. Millions of people around the world face so many challenges, inequalities and discrimination because of a condition or illness they cannot control.

Our mission

Our network has given us a voice to support one another, incite change and advocate for our needs – helping ourselves and our University grow together. We are working alongside the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team to build a cohesive response to the issues faced every day by those in our community – especially considering our campus is built on a hill! 

Our aims


  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of people with disabilities at the University.
  • Build a strong community which enables members to support their peers.


Build relationships and connections between members and across the University with allies.


Collaborate with the university to develop a united response to issues faced by members with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Our logo

The Purple Network is proud to display its logo of a purple Stag representing Surrey’s commitment to its staff with disabilities or long-term health needs within the community. Purple has been the representative colour for disability over many years and we have chosen to embrace this colour as a symbol of our identity and our solidarity with the wider purple movement.

Find out more about the story of purple.

Networks and organisations


PurpleSpace is the world’s only networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, network and resource group leaders and allies from all sectors and trades.


Scope is the disability equality charity in England and Wales which promotes information and campaigns to create a fairer society.

Business Disability Forum

Surrey is a member of the Business Disability Forum which is the leading business membership organisation in disability inclusion.


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