Work with us

All visitors to Estates and Facilities Management, including contractors and consultants, must report to the reception upon arrival.

Opening hours

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation we have adjusted opening times. For full information please see campus service opening times.

Introducing your company

If you wish to introduce your company to us please email with your company information, this will be forwarded to any relevant member of the Estates and Facilities Management Department who will respond if they are interested in your services.

Alternatively, to check for any opportunities to tender at the university, please refer to the University procurement information for suppliers for further information.


Central Distribution (PDF) is the main point for deliveries and collections for the University.

All deliveries for the Stag Hill (main) campus to be made to Central Distribution unless otherwise instructed but drivers may be asked to deliver bulk deliveries direct to the ordering department.

Locations off main campus such as Manor Park residences, Surrey Sports Park, etc will be specifically addressed and should be delivered directly.

Central Distribution is open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm.

On arrival:

  • All drivers must adhere to campus speed limits.
  • All drivers to wear hi-viz clothing.
  • All drivers to report to Central Distribution Reception before unloading.
  • Only one vehicle on the Central Distribution dock at a time and drivers must park where instructed.
  • All deliveries will be checked before a signature is given.

Please refer to the Central Distribution delivery information card (PDF).

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Central Distribution Reception