9am - 6pm

Tuesday 21 March - Wednesday 22 March 2023

AI UK 2023

Join us at the AI UK this week! We have an exciting demos in the Digital Economy theme.

University of Surrey
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Join us at the AIUK! We have an exciting demos in the Digital Economy theme.

Covering societal challenges in areas such as environmental innovation, the digital economy and civil defence, AI UK’s 40+ showstopping scientific demonstrations are not to be missed. 

Sketching into the Metaverse

Create your own Metaverse with a wave of your hand! Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality and watch as deep neural networks turn your scribble into stunning 3D masterpieces. 

Drop by this futuristic demo to find out how you can build your very own metaverse – simply by finger scribbling in the air. This bleeding-edge research from the SketchX research lab (University of Surrey) uses the latest AI technologies in the form of deep neural networks, which convert your rough scribbles into realistic 3D objects. Visit Yi-Zhe Song’s (Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing) demo for the chance to wear a VR headset and experience this immersive tech reality first-hand.

Sketch Me That Shoe

Struggling to find the perfect pair of shoes? Simply scribble a rough sketch of your dream sneakers and let the system reveal all the shoes that match your design!

Need to find a new pair of shoes online, but finding it hard to come up with a sufficiently precise text description? Yi-Zhe Song (University of Surrey) has you covered. This demo shows you a ground-breaking new paradigm where you can take out your phone, quickly scribble a rough sketch and watch as the system returns all shoes matching your sketch. The result of over a decade of sketch research at the University of Surrey’s SketchX lab, the system works across different drawing styles – and doesn’t baulk if your artistic skills are somewhat underdeveloped.

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The Alan Turing Institute

AI UK 2023 will take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster, London.