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Here in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, it is our aspiration to present our students with a fantastic learning experience, where we provide support for them to become self-directed learners. The educational approaches we adopt to facilitate the learning journey of our students, is underpinned by our faculties One Health, One Medicine vision.

It is our goal to sustainably improve the health and wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment through new knowledge and its application to the design, development and delivery of responsible innovation and impact under an over-arching ‘One Health, One Medicine’ ambition. Training the future leaders through this interdisciplinary lens will equip our graduates with the skills they need to tackle important societal issues, in the present and future.

'One Health, One Medicine'

We define a ‘One Health, One Medicine’ approach as recognising that human health is closely linked to that of animals, plants, and the shared environment. Taking a holistic approach to tackle these grand challenges, will ensure that innovations benefitting humans also consider the impact on animals and the environment, and vice-versa. It also acknowledges our aspirations to educate and train future generations of researchers and health professionals, with an interdisciplinary approach. 

Our values of Inclusion, Inspiration, Innovation, and Integrity are aligned with the University values. We add Internationalisation to recognise its importance, particularly in relation to our global learning community we aspire to build upon and expand. These values inform the cornerstones that support our educational approaches, here in the faculty. 

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