Published: 05 April 2016

Developing leaders through improving organisational structures, understanding priorities and the ‘now’

Clair Fisher is the Founder & Director of Pashley Fisher ltd, with significant experience developing teams, leaders and partnerships. She began her career on the prestigious Civil Service Fast stream holding a variety of posts in Whitehall, Brussels and in Regional Government, most recently Deputy Director for 'Place Performance & Partnerships' in the South East.

During 2008 -12 Clair was employed as the part-time Director of a Church owned Community Centre. During this time she began taking on additional consultancy roles and freelance opportunities; Pashley Fisher Ltd was founded in 2012 to develop and extend this work.

Being unsatisfied with the organisational hierarchies in her previous positions, Clair says a key contributor to failure is the tendency for different layers of organisations: top, middle, bottom to confuse their roles and often blame one another for weaknesses as a whole.

Successful hierarchical structures, ideally ensure the ‘top’ focus on vision and strategy, the ‘middle’ deal with integrating strategy and the ‘bottom’ deliver on the ‘now’.

The melt down of organisations often occurs when the crisis of ‘now’ continually demands top management to begin troubleshooting, taking their eye off future strategy. This often drives silos, a disengaged workforce and a lack of customer care. 

Clair has made significant impact with her support of the ‘middle’ within organisations. The failure of the commercial sector was often the choice to favour investment at board level; where as a strength within the public sector was to empower the ‘middle’.

Clair explains successful organisations:

  • Empower the ‘middle’ – to integrate, communicate, question and lead
  • Clearly define roles – boundaries around who is looking at the ‘now’ and the ‘future’
  • Understand the customer is external – validating them, avoiding a sense of entitlement 

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