Published: 16 August 2017

Nasrat Bayan - Cagliari, Italy

The working environment, the people and the City itself can make the whole experience of working abroad the best year of your life.

You will have the most generous, helpful and incredible people to work with. Apart from the working environment, you will get the opportunity to go to many different trips and to one of the best beaches. In the first few weeks, the Erasmus Association will take all the students around the city to familiarize them with all the pubs, restaurants and much more.

The people

The whole experience of Erasmus, whether it is work experience or a life experience in general, it will help you grow as a person. The people in Cagliari are very generous and helpful. Although they can’t speak English very well (except the students), but they will do all they can to help you with any difficulties. I have met some people here and we became “friends for life”; hopefully you will experience the same adventure as me!

Laboratory life

You don’t have to come here with plenty of knowledge about the instruments, nor are they expecting you to come with tons of information. This is why you are coming here, to learn about new instruments and techniques. After your arrival, you will be given all the resources to improve your knowledge on the specific topics. There are many PhD students here who carry out different projects therefore you may have to be flexible and work with more than one supervisor at once. The topic I mainly focused on was Hepatitis Virus C.


Finding a house here in Cagliari is not difficult at all. You can find a decent room in the center for €250-300 per month. The Erasmus organisation office will help you with the landlord, contract etc.


Many trips, at least once a month for sure! Just expect to see a lot of different cultures just within Sardinia. You will be able to visit some villages where their lifestyle is completely different and you will appreciate the generosity of the people here in Sardinia.

There are many festivals where every house of the village will be open for the visitors to go and try that village’s traditional foods, snacks and their special homemade wine. If you want a placement with a mixture of work, culture, language, trips and the best summer ever, then Cagliari is the right place for you.

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